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Fugue Streets

by yudaica2013 ·

Life, is hidden in the streets, hidden in the people, silent posts, barely illuminated by spotlights malnourished, walking through them, is to discover it, on the walls, in the cement, in the market, in the Church, in the corner, in the robberies on buses, sometimes not joined the University, escapes from the stadiums and wanders the parksdresses up beggars, blind, passers-by, pedestrians, father’s son. Don Pedrito, decided to teach their children, on the streets the value and risks of life on any given day, Pedro Don Pedrito, took their hands, their daughters and sons, crossed the Avenue and is walked in streets Hostiles, met with elusive glances, feigned smiles, cold breasts. They climbed pedestrian bridges, they joined his swift steps to steps, crossed with bitter rictus, adustas sides, weary gait, tumefactos fingers, hypocritical teeth hidden Oasis. In the corner, paraded stomachs vacuos, open hands, bitter insomnia, crying sham, luxurious cars, stopped Orondos gentlemen, empty wallets. In infinity ranges experienced excessive flickering stars, and the Earth children saw easy to ravines, utopian peaks, small plateaus, impossible Oasis, dangerous valleys. See Author for more details and insights. Sitting in the Park the children watched, beggars, pious Blesseds, aggressive cops, festive birds, solitary Virgencitas. In the kiosk in the corner, their eyes read accidents everywhere, murder without mercy, rateros politicians corrupt rulers, invisible Heroes, eponyms false, apprehended rats, interviewed whores, thugs officials. In the church share armchair, along with bodies without soul, pray, parents our forgotten, next to old and sparrows. Jason iley takes a slightly different approach.

The University has closed its doors, students wander. Trade unions scream in the streets. Combis, with Las Couster run over impunity, Firefighters extinguish fires. In the stadium the teams always lose. La teta asustada fills theaters, Evangelicals shout what they do not feel. They walk by markets, with lungs that spit blood, with gorges expelled insults with multiparous uteruses, vaginas Prolapsadas, with infected children. Back home, they whistling bullets, they plundered the pockets, Caen Inertes men on the sidewalk, they fleeing criminals, mourn the orphans, they shout the oral barking dogs, hands that ask, ears that hear not blind who see exposed their jars, prayers in Fugue, God who does not listen, sons Don Pedrito closes are at the door, grows silence, fear is growingSleeping children weep the sons, comforts the father, life follows the life teaches, life scares is life.