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Hair Care On Holiday

by yudaica2013 ·

Sea water. Sea water saturated with salt and minerals, has a beneficial effect on our skin, but not the hair. From her hair grow dim, because the salt crystals cause damage to the hair scales and they start bristling. So the salt pulls moisture from the hair, drying it and making the hair brittle, tangled. To avoid this, apply to hair before swimming safety equipment of the solar lines for hair.

The tool should be applied as generously to be enough for each hair. Gels and oils envelop the hair smoothing scales, not allowing the salt to penetrate inside. Many of these tools contain shiny particles that give your hair a healthy shine. In the evening after a bath is very useful to carry out the procedure for moisture, especially for dry hair and scalp. Mix the product daily and hair mask, apply to dry hair, put on a shower cap. Sit as a couple of minutes, then rinse with shampoo and once again put on wet hair in the same way.

The result will make you happy! Pool. The water in the basin as a rule does not contain salt, but it contains chlorine. During the holiday chlorinated water negate efforts colorist, blonde hair will begin to ebb green, brown and maroon will be red. But from the chlorinated water can protect your hair – use all the same protections that marked "antihlor" or rubber cap. (As opposed to Simon Pagenaud). Returning from the pool immediately rinse hair with warm water and wash the shampoo out of the solar lines. These shampoos contain antihlor components, as well as wash away salt and sand. If your blonde hair turned green yet, try this: Apply to hair cleansing facial mask containing white clay (kaolin). Wash off after 15 minutes and generously apply conditioner to hair. Blond be rehabilitated. Tap water. The water that flows from taps in the countries of Asia and Africa is far from European standards. This is especially true in Turkey, India and Egypt, that is, countries in which the flow of tourists from Russia is very big. Tap water in these countries is hard, contains many lime and poorly cleaned. It absolutely can not drink and is also not advisable to wash or brush their teeth. Of course, no one will carry with them to leave the water. But I strongly recommend buying at local shops or take out restaurant water for rinsing hair, face and teeth cleaning. Removed removed Sun. All aware that the hair fade and fade in the sun. This is due to the fact that ultraviolet light breaks the structure of proteins and lipids, damaging pigments hair. Do not go out in the sun without a hat, or better yet further in the morning put on hair protectant from the sun line and update it before each swim. Some safety equipment will protect your hair from getting only from the sun, but from salt and chlorine.


Proper Hair Colors

by yudaica2013 ·

Stylists beauty salons "AIDA" argue that only a professional hair coloring – a guarantee of perfect results. So what is the competent hair color? Hair color needed to start with the arrival of good Salon. First there are highly qualified specialists, and secondly, in a salon is always a great selection of high-quality professional colors. For example, in the beauty salon's "Aida" hair color starts with consultation hairstylist. Wizard examines the condition of hair the client listens to suggestions, recommend certain techniques and staining, together with the client, finally chooses a color. Selecting the color stylists Beauty Salons "AIDA" take into account: the color of the skin, eyes, natural hair color as well as the condition of hair, color, or previous wave. If the client wishes to dye my hair for a long time or color gray, then it's worth persistent use of dyes. Slightly change the tone, you can use the toning tools.

They do not penetrate deeply into the structure of hair, do not do them any harm (indeed, some of them improve the condition of hair!), But washed for 6-8 times. Choosing a color is best to well-known brands, such as, Wella Professionals. Professional dyes can not be bought at the supermarket, they sell only to manufacturers, they can only use specially trained master barbers. For those wishing to obtain an absolute "environmental friendliness" of painting in beauty salons "AIDA" offer tinting paint Laminates Cellophanes (Sebastian). It is based on natural ingredients, especially for reconstructing the structure of damaged hair and also gives a brilliant, saturated color. Feel free to experiment, but remember that only a master pro, working in a good salon will create for you an absolutely unique hair color, using the original formula and the nuances of several shades. Only competent hair color will not spoil and give them the beauty, and you – a good mood!