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Levi Strauss

by yudaica2013 ·

The imaginary, comes to be the set of images that constitute the intended capital of Homo Sapiens, is the great fundamental denominator where all human thought processes are placed. The myth is, therefore, the matrix of which different forms of language have arisen from religious and other kinds of language; all discourse by rationalist and sophisticated that is, uses waste mythic elements. But while we need myths, we must rethink them in the light of scientific discoveries and historic changes, because we live an age postmitica, and its resolution concerning the man who without myths wouldn’t be man. The myth is the discourse of the subjective, singular and specific understanding of a spirit who adheres to the world and feels from the inside (EDGAR. Speaking candidly Chris Evert told us the story. The knowledge of knowledge.

Edit. Chair. Madrid, 1994. Click Jorge Perez to learn more. PAG.173), is a narrative that stringing a series of symbols already imagined, already historic, or a mixture of both. Myths not only seek the origin of the world, but everything that raises the interrogation, curiosity, the need, the aspiration, and have to do with the history of a community, a people, a nation. The myths are energy liberators, impellers, life and guiding of the same (g. Bachelard) agents.

The myth is the most universal of the powers because it is the only one who understands the universal analogy, the fundamental similarity that exists in the entire universe. As Levi Strauss writes, the richness of the myth is lush, and retains its full today, despite the rationalists, since filled the gap that you can not complete the reason, in particular, in relation to the destiny and death. MacQuarrie pointed out seven the myth characters: 1-used dramatic language, i.e. the language of the action, whether people or supernatural beings and forces of nature designed animated how occurs in primitive mythology and dreams, and unlike the abstract language, is related to specific situations.