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Exterior Landscaping

by yudaica2013 ·

Greening is divided – the external landscaping (street) or domestic gardening. Professional fitodizaynery able and internal landscaping, of course, and external landscaping. Actress does not necessarily agree. Exterior landscaping (street) implies landscaping multifaceted complexity, a trivial case, design of flower beds and lawns in the office and home without the heavy landscaping tasks. Internal gardening involves registration of any ornamental plants interiors – interior design office, restaurant, apartment, house or cafe. Landscaping begins with design, drafting.

Fitodizaynery palpated the possibility of the premises in respect of the customer's request offering all sorts of varieties of ornamental plants. Customer elects landscaping, a painted version of the songs, sketches, proposed fitodizaynerami. The result is a beautiful interior landscaping for Some customers, as well as external landscaping (street) for others. How are gardening and feng shui? With the Chinese "Feng" – a "wind" and "shui" – it is water. Greening of Feng Shui – an art. It is dedicated to correct and harmonious arrangement in space of various objects of human activity in order to provide the most complete harmony between man and the world.

Phytodesign Feng Shui "sees" in the decorative plants, a "protector" of the negative impacts of stress, bad smell and ispareniy.Ozelenenie Feng shui suggests that ornamental plants harmonize the interior, making it more comfortable for stay human in him, to help solve various problems. Phytodesign Feng Shui definitely enough treats even the shape and color of plants that should or should not be in certain places in the house or apartment, office or the plot. It is important to all: leaf shape, size and shape of plants. Some ornamental plants to help increase activity, give an emotional charge of cheerfulness, while others soothe, slow down vigorous activity. Importantly, the direction in which growing plants: up or down. Studio GrinInterior Irina Lipski – a quality landscaping and phytodesign Feng Shui.