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More than 5000 years ago was born the Egyptian civilization. Prolific Valley of the Nile River was the best place for the development of a prosperous civilization, which would leave countless testimonies of its passage and technological and cultural developments that accompany us until today. The Sahara desert had carried the first inhabitants settled in the basement of the Nile River, a huge swamp which promised little. However the intelligence of these early inhabitants of the region helped them to understand that these floods which swept the area periodically, were really a blessing from the gods, since the land was covered by an extremely fertile mud to generating the miracle of these lowland crops. The Egyptians also developed an intense cultural and religious life, creating a complete religious system that tried to explain the mysteries that always have haunted the human soul: the significance of existence and life in the more beyond.

Thus was born the Egyptian tarot, as attempt of communication with these mysterious mythical gods. The Egyptian gods were interpreted as true Archetypes of the human mind, i.e. those primitive figures representing our desires, our hopes and our fears. Bastet was the goddess tipped cat. Owner of a frightening character, was also the goddess of joy and music. He was the patron saint of households. In his honor, devoted to this goddess cat was mummified at death and buried as if it were a Pharaoh.

Hathor, the goddess with cabeza de vaca. His sacred mission was to house the dead and to protect them. She was the wife of Horus. The latter was the son of Osiris and Isis, and was the Falcon-headed God. This divinity was one of the most important, puesse considered it to be the King of the sky. It was the paladin that struggled against the darkness, and was the divinity that Egyptian royalty spent the majority of his honours. The Egyptians believed that the Moon was one of the eyes of Horus who had lost in battle trying to avenge the death of his father. The God of the dead was Osiris, who He was murdered by his brother set. Despite the efforts of Isis, his beloved, revive it, never could get it, remaining as the King of the dead, to those who have the gift of granting eternal life. The original Egyptian tarot reflects clearly all these characters, whose stories are repeated in the genesis of the religions of all civilizations.