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Perfect Circle

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The second album does not so distinguished, but the third – 'In love And Death' – was a breakthrough. The Used and emo bands The Used music really allows you to speak out. The texts tell of the history of the group, about relations within the group, life participants. 'I was held back for so long and told what to do – says drummer Branden – Music – it's what allows me to be myself and just say' all went to the x ** 'to do what I really want to be who I am it really is, to set the rules himself. " "I rebelled against the Mormon church, going to other churches, I rebelled against my parents because they forbade me to eat meat, I rebelled against your friends use drugs.

I rebelled against all that is delaying me on the spot '- says vocalist Bert. 'God – the concept and the music is real', – says guitarist Quinn Allman. A Perfect Circle A Perfect Circle Tool is based vocalist James Keenan and former guitar tech Billy Hoverdelom. In 2000 the band released their debut album, Mer de Noms ('a set of surreal epic tracks', as it was written on one site). In the chart Billboard 'Mer De Noms' settled on the fourth line, debuting for the team very cool. Circulation of this album in the U.S.

alone amounted to a quarter of a million copies. 'Thirteen Step' (2003) – here the group went from melodic pop-metal in the direction of the Gothic. The album took 2nd place in the 'Billboard' and selling more than 225,000 copies of the 'Thirteenth step' in its first week after the release. A Perfect Circle Emo and A Perfect Circle – the continuation of alt-metal-alloy-with-the-art-rock direction, which was founded in the mid-90s and advanced into the mass of the group Tool. Music A Perfect Circle is identical in intensity and melancholy, with Tool, but less dark and more melodic, with extraordinary instrumental parts. In 2004 the band released the album 'Emotive', then – a collection of cover songs 'eMOTIVe', which leaves questions of style accessories A Perfect Circle. Results. As we see, in the west is full of worthy groups there were not yesterday. Maybe that's why they do not scream at each corner that they – emo, and sometimes even deny it?