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Colombia Tourism

by yudaica2013 ·

The order has been delivered with all the semantic and epistemological apparatus military: ordered the Minister of communication and the PSUV a political plan to get our message of union to the Colombian people, because while respecting the sovereignty of Colombia, I have equal right to speak to Colombians, because enough attack us and then, trying to emulate Julio Cesarthat he decided to pass through del rio Ruby red colour which marked the border of Cisalpine Gaul with Roman, in a fit of narcissism historical provinces Chavez tries to emulate the imperator primus and announces the crossing of the border with Colombia, but upstream of as usually it franking daily proteges of the FARC, hoisting an alleged right, that gives no legislation. But you forgot to historical, and pompous phrase which according to Suetonio Julius Caesar uttered in latin: alea iacta est (the die is cast) but that according to Plutarch was the phrase of the Athenian playwright Menander anerriphtho kubos (that starts the game). Out to you have cast lots or started their game, Chavez has tried to justify the unjustifiable by making use of semantic archetypes Marxists that cost him both learn, despite the insistent guided his brother Adam’s readings: the Colombian bourgeoisie does not want to get my message. They are afraid that the Chavez voice to be heard by the people of Colombia. They are terrified. Then we must do everything that has to do, by the media to be used, by all possible means. It should make a good plan and use our allies in Colombia.

Crossing the Rubicon meant for Julio Cesar much more than venture into Italy with his troops; crossing it meant commit an illegality, become an enemy of the Republic and start the civil war. Crossing the Rubicon today, expresses the fact of embarking irrevocably on a company of risky consequences. The communication campaign that threatens Chavez to unleash in Colombia will not be to get your message to the people; RCN does that free and efficiently. The goal is another and the requested communication strategy is due to the need to introduce a message divisive that has thrived on this side of the border, as a fifth column, for what of the divide and rule. That Rubicon already is has crossed earlier in Latin America with disastrous results for Julio Cesar of shift and its people: the Argentines crossed it in the Fackland Islands; Noriega in Panama raking his machete crossed it and is about to do so, as another one of their flight pa lante, the illustrious hero of the military museum..