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by yudaica2013 ·

“DENK HOUSE system the connection of many a rule offers practice-oriented solutions by the organisation until order is to implement complete business objectives” says the famous philosopher Emmanuel Kant. To achieve optimal results by reduction to the essentials and stabilization important growth factors in a system due to entrepreneurial success. Entrepreneurs happiness is therefore dependent on efficient organization. The company DENK HOUSE systems E.k.. here shows the current amount of cover for companies after thorough analysis of the operating status and differentiated financial analyses and offers extensive possibilities to visualize of different future scenarios. This more efficiently adapt existing software modules or bundled solutions in the areas of mobile data, staff time, job and machine data acquisition as possible tools available to achieve the aspired success. Craft enterprises, service providers, manufacturing companies can use DatFox as data acquisition hardware Sales offices or service stations according to their specific requirements of an efficient data management benefit, regardless of whether the focus on an automatic purchase order processing, sales statistics or on the ERP is targeted.

In addition to the system solutions offers competent point of contact and support from the practice for the practice DENK HOUSE. “When it comes to corporate visions, organization, sales, marketing and meaningful employee potential analyses help effective DENK HOUSE companies out of some grey zone offers and transparency according to the motto from the practice for the practice in a successful future”. Hardware terminals to the time & attendance and production data acquisition, as well as mobile terminals (time boys) the company DatFox permit effective control and management of all corporate data and optimal time – and personnel management. While the competence team develops by DENK HOUSE together with the customers an individual menu of success from A to Z – regardless whether it is about canvassing or job development. For marketing and Sales creative concepts are guaranteed..