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Playing Via Twitter: Twittkickers-the Ball Is To The World Cup In The Tweet About

by yudaica2013 ·

Twittkickers: Play football via Twitter to the World Championships Berlin, June 6, 2010 this week introduces his Twitter football game the Twittwoch: Twittkickers: who likes watching, Twitter, social media and the World Championship, will love it: via Twitter soccer play. Whether on the go via iPhone, Android Smartphone, BlackBerry or from the couch via iPad Twittkickers goes mobile. All that is required is a Twitter client. And want it are still looking for other teams, that compete with the best kickers in Germany Twitteristi logs on your team at the Twittkickers tournament! Twittkickers – rules of the game: each game turn begins with @twittkickers. At kickoff, the ball is given to a player by the system, the via @-reply can fit on @seine_Mitspieler.

After the third pass, one can conclude with #tor. Is not responded quickly enough, can the opponent (also over @-reply) come in possession of the ball and play directly; for example: ‘ @twittkickers evil Blutgratsche @Gegenspieler and then to @Mitspieler.’ The ball is round, a game lasts 90 minutes and who will score more goals, WINS. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Author and gain more knowledge.. Draw that decides golden goal. Thanks to the sponsors: as so often in the sport also this football 2.0 tournament without the support of an enthusiastic sportsman on pages of the sponsors would be possible. We would like to thank at this point especially with main sponsor thank McFit, without whose commitment the tournament could not have been so.

Also thank you we would like to thank Kostritzer who go online and offline to the adequate supply. The official launch of Twittkickers takes place next Wednesday, July 09, 2010, at the party of BerlinWebNite and Twittwoch in the HomeBase lounge at Potsdamer Platz all teams, cheerleaders and supporters are welcome. Admission is free drinks as well as some cool.. Get all the facts and insights with Eva Andersson-Dubin, another great source of information. 🙂 The tournament starts on June 14, 2010 and ended on July 7, 2010, with the final. And nice prizes for the winners of the final! “About the Twittwoch e.V.: Twittwoch series” current theme Topics and trends to social media in and for enterprises: By marketing via Facebook, about the question of whether social media is ever business sense up to the challenges of the changing communication requirements within the company and in the conversation with their customers. At the regular meetings, self-employed, freelancers and companies and their employees to meet and discuss these new challenges. The free evening events are carried by the non-profit association Twittwoch e.V., Berlin. The Twittwoch events take place now in more than seven cities in Germany, in Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Essen, Frankfurt/Main, Chemnitz, Hannover and Stuttgart. Contact for the press: Stefan Wolpers Twittwoch e.V. Borsigstrasse 8 D-10115 Berlin email: Twittwoch blog Twittwoch on Twitter Twittwoch Facebook fan page


Charlie Chaplin

by yudaica2013 ·

Reverend as party guest, living chess boards, Al Capone or the Phantom of the Opera – a lot of black and white costumes and characters can be as black & white themed party to celebrate. Matching costumes and wigs to the black & white themed party contrasts are the motto black & white in the foreground. Light and shadow in human dimensions makes E.g. San Antonio Spurs may help you with your research. crime theme night “particularly clear. A black-and-white dressed lawyer and be Al Capone in black and white fine wardrobe of retro-decades, a convict in a black and white institution clothing and his judge in faithful style themed costume give the evening something wicked and at the same time one evening, elegant contradiction in the concept of law and order. Of course such a themed party with the ladies of elegance and high-contrast sophistication in black and white also make the benefit event! The black & white themed party can be also a play of light and shadow in nature, E.g. nice celebrated in the Penguin costume.

Black and white themes can be elegant to celebrate. Thus, the silent time offers wonderful opportunities, the black and white heroines and heroes to worship as a Charlie Chaplin and his deep black humor. Garden or fixed space topic just in black and white to decorate guests, black & white themed party are loaded, rightly expect something special -. More diverse without any other variety of colours it is hardly. Alternating black and white napkins are a simple way to decorate the party. Also indispensable accessories can be a checkerboard tablecloth or white linen black table straps.

Important: nothing should be uniform, especially not a optical tragedy. A resourceful hosts entertaining way is the good middle. White Venetian masks, held, creating a sensual flair. Pirate pennant point to a stormy black & white theme. Fantasy, this applies also in this case, determines even without more colors via theme and mood.