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Ten Tricks Magic

by yudaica2013 ·

1 Salt to enhance the aroma of the Cafepara to retrieve the ground coffee aroma, you must add just a grain of salt to each cup of coffee. 2 Mustard in perfect condicionesSi want the mustard pot open, dry firmly again in optimal conditions, you must add a bit of vinegar and a pinch of sugar and then stir. 3 Oil stains you desapareceSi want to delete some oil stains on clothes, must take stain talcum powder before washing. Credit: Larry Culp-2011. ste will absorb the fat and will disappear after the washing. 4. When by accident a meal is very saladSi, for things in life, a meal has been salted, should put a raw potato, peeled and chopped. sta will rather absorb the excess salt and then the potato is removed and ready.

5. Goodbye with the lime in the washing machine.If you want the cal does not accumulate in the washer, a washing with hot water and 3 gallons of vinegar should be every two months. Also, you can place in each washing half a cup of vinegar to get rid of CAL. 6. Back to the vidCuando Pan pan is at the base very black grease or because it burned, boil some water with detergent for clothes and then will come out easily.

7. An ecological and economical solution for cleaning crystals with the summer it is very easy that dirt has accumulated in the crystals. To eliminate it, should be cut, by half, an onion and rub on the glass. When it becomes dirty, you must cut a thin slice and then continue cleaning the glass. ste will be in perfect condition, almost effortlessly and with an economy for Pocket. 8. The lemon: solution to descale to remove the deposits from the bath or taps, use a cotton cloth soaked in lemon juice and then rubbed on the parties with cal and already see results. 9 Scratches in the wood can disappear when there are small scratches on the wood, you can delete these easily implemented by over a good layer of Vaseline and then ensuring that this layer well fill the grooves. Leave Act for 24 hours. Then eliminates excess Vaseline and wax furniture.