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Business Process Management

by yudaica2013 ·

This means that the process is evaluated by reviewing the activities that are carried out, seeking to eliminate those that do not add value and identifying the policies, business rules, and rules that determine the decisions that the organization takes on the process is necessary to be attentive in the behavior of all the variables that affect the process and consider that a system this BPMS on ability to perform the following operations: Modeling of business processes provides development environments for applications for collaboration between business processes. Generation, update and publication of documentation of processes. Simulation of business processes to assess their behaviour under load required at certain moments of the process. Integration of information from other business systems. Automation of processes. Collaboration between the companies involved in the productive chain of the organization. Deployment of applications that support the process in conditions such that does not require more knowledge and experience of an end user. Process analysis and behavior of the operation.

Generation cycle management publishing and consumption of knowledge generated in the operation of the process. BUSINESS models to all this adds a valuable contribution of Renato de Laurentis Gianni, that implementing a good management of processes, requires a fundamental element that is called business models.These models are a set of techniques and graphic representations embodied on a database oriented objects, which allow you to represent and understand what: points of encounter with points of encounter with vendor clients, collaborators and other external entities problems and opportunities for improvement processes, information flows and data the Organization information systems management and quality indicators is added, the utility that gives the business models varies from company to company according to your needs, objectives and priorities. Developing approaches and techniques, however, have many utilities which I list the most relevant: do analysis of functional impact, Organizativos and systems. Develop and evolve systems more integrated, more than business. Have a more solid basis to Plan for systems and technology. Implement technology BPM / WORKFLOW. Continuous improvement of business processes (process reengineering redesign). Support to the processes of Benchmarking.

Design and organizational restructuring. Form and guide to the staff of the organization. Total quality ISO 9000. Design and launch of new products and services. ABM / ABC (Activity Based Management / AB Costing). Management competencies. Internal control. Implement ITIL. Howard Smith, Peter Fingar, Business Process Management: the third wave. The breakthrough that redefines competitive advantage for the next fifty years, Megahan-Kiffer Press, 2003, Tampa, Florida, USA Degerencia.