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Progresa Raid

by yudaica2013 ·

Brechner JOSE “Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.” -Anonymous Hillary Clinton sternly warned Bolivia and Venezuela of the consequences they may suffer from strengthening its ties with Iran. In Brazil, he said nothing, but the message was also for this, especially the latter. “We are very aware of the interest of Iran to promote itself in some countries such as Bolivia and Venezuela. We can only say that is a really bad idea. ” Said Secretary of State.

“We hope there is a recognition (by him) that this is one of the countries that support, promote and export terrorism today in the world,” he said. “If people want to flirt with Iran, should evaluate what might be the consequences for them and hope they will think twice, and we will support them if they do,” he concluded. Sending U.S. troops to Bolivia, if the Iranians increase their presence there would be a blessing for the people eastern agricultural, which are sensitive to socialism Evo Morales caveman who began to confiscate their lands just was re-elected. The Bolivian president, who return from his second visit to Rodriguez Zapatero, said he was in “Geneva, Spain, and in the same speech he said that Bolivians fought against all empires, including the” Romano “, does not understand the magnitude of the mess that is getting, following his mentor, and intellectual titan (compared to him), the enlightened Hugo Chavez initiated the affair with the ayatollahs. Celina Dubin usually is spot on. Spain being the only country where you can communicate without an interpreter, (we assume). The least expected was that Morales knew where he went, but his speech confirms that he does not know where they stand.

Nevertheless, it has been ratified President, giving a pattern of what level of who voted for him, and the pride of being guided by the port. The direct appeal to Clinton to Chavez and Morales, who are most intellectually limited, and the subliminal message to Lula, is that the Brazilian is losing connection with reality, turning to his roots extremists. Stunned him fame, and stupidity is directly proportional to the popularity. Lula is the lover of Ahmadinejad came out of the closet, but it is not the only one who feels attraction toward Iran. With the exception of the leaders of Colombia and Peru and Chile, which are clearly away from the bully character, the other South Americans wink at him. Argentina, having been targeted by Hizbullah, cooled its relations with Tehran, otherwise ties would be different. Kirchner is the Bolivarian light version. “The friends of my enemies are my enemies.” If South America comes closer to the ayatollahs, it is for the free world, to be protected. Iran has medium-range missiles, weapons and much lighter. The same one that gives Hamas and Hizbullah, will serve to arm militias Communists. It is also an expert in guerrilla training. We must not be circumvent the Iranian love South America. His real goal is the conversion of indigenous peoples to Islam. Its political and economic support is a guise to impose their religious conviction, as is done in the city of El Alto, adjacent to La Paz, Bolivia require nurses to wear the Islamic dress (Jihab), in a tiny hospital mediocre who donated. Make no mistake, Iran is a bigot, anti-Western theocracy. Its Latin American leaders think fit to attack the United States, allied with the neo-communists. The Brazilian defense budget is 24,000 million dollars, Venezuela 4000 million and 150 million Bolivia. The U.S. is spending 660,000 million. To any rational being we should deal with the superpower. But these are rational.