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A Website Or A Landing Page ?

by yudaica2013 ·

A website or a landing page? By: Diana Fontanez Summary: To attract customers, should you use a website or a landing page? What is the difference and what should you? Find the answer in this educational article. My reader, Norberto Muzzupappa asks: Before, your website was a huge site and simple to navigate, with valuable content, available to anyone who enters the site and wider for newsletter subscribers. For more specific information, check out Frank Gorshin. I wonder what the criteria you have chosen to make a change as profound as it is moving from a large site just one landing page (landing page). Norbert is right. My page was a site full of content, with files of my newsletters, and how to satisfy the visitor who likes to click and read. But why I changed? And you should do the same? It all depends, but look at this … Use a Website A website is great for sharing information with your visitors. We I found? Before a landing page, I'll explain briefly.

A landing page is one page where there are no links to other areas of your website. The only goal you want to achieve with that landing page is the person takes a specific action. See the different uses: A. Free Report Offers a free report, pre-qualifies the person (just want potential customers), gives you her email and start sending a newsletter (or gives you your address and we will send a printed newsletter.) B. Offers a free report, the person gives you their phone and make a follow-up call. C.

Offers a free report, the person gives you your address and give up with a series of letters written. D. Offers a free report, the person gives you their email, you stand by the report and send it to your sales letter. Simple! Want a specific action and a landing page helps you with that goal. There are many uses for landing pages, but those that