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Internet Movie Data Base

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Heathers did not take in satisfying their aspirations. In a question-answer forum Jacob Dilla was the first to reply. In 1997, Amazon left to Stock market and since then until today the company has not stopped to grow, maneniendo itself afloat even during the generated crisis by the bubble point com at the end of the ninety. Throughout the years, Amazon has developed specific vestibules for Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, China, Japan and now also Spain. In addition, the company began to develop to own products like the successful electronic book reader Kindle or the service of storage in the cloud Cloud Drive. Between the multiple acquisitions that the emrpesa throughout its history has realised, they emphasize the one of Alexa and the one of IMDb (The Internet Movie Data Base). When it has begun to work The rumors on the disembarkation of the giant of the electronic commerce in Spain sounded very insistently for months, especially from October of 2010, when Amazon bought the Spanish vestibule BuyVip by about 70 million Euros, according to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal. The suppositions acquired more consistency 6 of September the past, when the company summoned a press conference in Madrid for the 14 of this same month.

Although one hoped that would appear this day and would begin to work on the following day, in the end saw the light day 13. What supposes the arrival from Amazon to Spain? The main advantage is the reduction of the times of shipment. It was already possible to order products to Amazon from Spain, but the time of shipment it was much greater than it will be from now on. In addition, the products will be focused to the tastes and prrencias of the Spanish consumers. What offers the Spanish version of the vestibule of electronic commerce? Although in his American version Amazon it offers a great product disparity (from organic foods to accessories for the garden, clothes, vitaminic products of beauty, complements or food for mascots), Amazon.


Government Andalusian

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The exhibition ‘ Emblems in frente’ it had produced the mix-up between the Government Andalusian and the relatives of Pablo Picasso. The resignation of the museum director had been asked for. The artistic director of the Picasso Museum of Malaga, Jose Lebrero, will continue in the position after the patronage that governs this institution ” there is no considerado” this Friday the request of its cease after the controversy provoked by the temporary exhibition Emblems in the front, inaugurated the past Monday. After the meeting of the patronage, they have appeared in Christine, press conference three of its members and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, daughter-in-law and grandson of the artist, respectively, and the advisor Andalusian of Culture, Paulino Silver, that has read the official notice approved by this organ. In the text, the patronage has expressed his ” support, recognition and respeto” to Christine and it has remembered that, next to its Bernard son and to the wife of this one, ” she is donor of 161 works of Picasso that constitute the central nucleus of 233 works property of the Museo” thanks to ” act of unique generosity with the exclusive aim of homenajear the memory of Picasso in its city natal”.

The patronage also has shown his ” convencimiento” of which the Museum ” ” has never been used with political aims; , after Christine assured that in the mentioned temporary exhibition ” was one; political use and oportunista” of the work of Picasso Sueo and lie of Franc. Finally, this organ has decided to realise ” an analysis and verification of the internal procedures of decision making of the Museum to assure its optimal funcionamiento” , it adds the official notice. In the question-and-answer session, Bernard Ruiz-Picasso has stood out who ” it is important to maintain dilogo” between the Government Andalusian and the Picasso family because ” he is what institucin” deserves this; , although ” ” is difficult at some moments on both sides; , and it has compared this relation with ” matrimonio”. ” It is not a very easy marriage, because the two people who form the marriage are a little rare, but we worked as well as marriage in the beginning well of 21st century, and is what we hoped that is included/understood in ciudad” , Bernard has explained, whereas her mother has expressed his ” support total” to these words. Christine assured Monday in reference to the mentioned temporary sample that ” for the first time from the creation of the Picasso Museum of Malaga, it has been chosen and organized a exhibition without the opinion nor the agreement ” of the Foundation Paul, Christine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, of whom it is legataria employer. On the other hand, the advisor of Culture admitted Wednesday that he had several days ago a letter in which the resignation of Jose Lebrero like artistic director was asked for to him.