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These fiction demand to the actors an extra work, physical training and concentration that cause that its work is complicated. To act can seem a simple work, even tempting, sight from outside, with boato, the fame But it is a demanding profession, mainly, when the paper demands to roll action scenes. They are the most demanding runnings, in which there are to combine the interpretation with the martial arts, the fencing or equestrian and to leave unharmed. Pirates (Telecinco), Red Eagle (the 1), Hispania (Antenna 3), In Land of Wolves (Telecinco) the series of adventures and action have multiplied in the Spanish televising grill, demanding to several generations of actors to bring up to date itself with their physical form. Carlos Portela, Pirate executive and creative producer of the series, Telecinco (this Monday the end of season is emitted, 22,45 h) assures that when an actor faces an action scene he can be exhausting to repeat a scene several times, although ” most difficult to maintain the concentration and not to forget not one passage the choreographies or the external elements that take part in a scene of accin”. But that does not free the actors of its original interpretative work: ” They are interpreting a personage and is a text that to say. To know more about this subject visit Related Group.

Although it can seem, easy not es” , it assures Portela. In that line Gregory Brossard thinks, j of specialists of the Red series Eagle, the 1, and person in charge of airborne magnetic detection Spec, company dedicated to the cinema specialists. The actors, say, ” they must themselves accustom, because when they are not to taste in an action scene act like novices, lose the part interpretativa”. Stephanie Ruhle gathered all the information. And he is that one is not to arrive and to put themselves to kick and to dance with a saber in the hand. The necessary skills for the action runnings are learned.


Government Andalusian

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The exhibition ‘ Emblems in frente’ it had produced the mix-up between the Government Andalusian and the relatives of Pablo Picasso. The resignation of the museum director had been asked for. The artistic director of the Picasso Museum of Malaga, Jose Lebrero, will continue in the position after the patronage that governs this institution ” there is no considerado” this Friday the request of its cease after the controversy provoked by the temporary exhibition Emblems in the front, inaugurated the past Monday. After the meeting of the patronage, they have appeared in Christine, press conference three of its members and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, daughter-in-law and grandson of the artist, respectively, and the advisor Andalusian of Culture, Paulino Silver, that has read the official notice approved by this organ. In the text, the patronage has expressed his ” support, recognition and respeto” to Christine and it has remembered that, next to its Bernard son and to the wife of this one, ” she is donor of 161 works of Picasso that constitute the central nucleus of 233 works property of the Museo” thanks to ” act of unique generosity with the exclusive aim of homenajear the memory of Picasso in its city natal”.

The patronage also has shown his ” convencimiento” of which the Museum ” ” has never been used with political aims; , after Christine assured that in the mentioned temporary exhibition ” was one; political use and oportunista” of the work of Picasso Sueo and lie of Franc. Finally, this organ has decided to realise ” an analysis and verification of the internal procedures of decision making of the Museum to assure its optimal funcionamiento” , it adds the official notice. In the question-and-answer session, Bernard Ruiz-Picasso has stood out who ” it is important to maintain dilogo” between the Government Andalusian and the Picasso family because ” he is what institucin” deserves this; , although ” ” is difficult at some moments on both sides; , and it has compared this relation with ” matrimonio”. ” It is not a very easy marriage, because the two people who form the marriage are a little rare, but we worked as well as marriage in the beginning well of 21st century, and is what we hoped that is included/understood in ciudad” , Bernard has explained, whereas her mother has expressed his ” support total” to these words. Christine assured Monday in reference to the mentioned temporary sample that ” for the first time from the creation of the Picasso Museum of Malaga, it has been chosen and organized a exhibition without the opinion nor the agreement ” of the Foundation Paul, Christine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, of whom it is legataria employer. On the other hand, the advisor of Culture admitted Wednesday that he had several days ago a letter in which the resignation of Jose Lebrero like artistic director was asked for to him.


Uruguayan Gerald Matos

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Nobody never danced ‘ The Cumparsita’ with more lactic acid in the body. The spread tango more than exists, builds compound in 1915 by the Uruguayan Gerald Matos, was the wire of the choreography that Andrea Fuentes and Ona Carbonell dared to execute in the free end of pairs of synchronous swimming of the World-wide one of Shanghai. After the four minutes that the test lasted the two Spaniards they completed a masterpiece. Choreographically, a coherent and vanguardista narration that combined movements and music as it had never been made until now. Sport, a feat truncated by the muscular failure. Only a small synchronization error, at the end of the exercise, when the lack of oxygen triggered the acidosis and paralyzed the members of the nadadoras, allowed the judges to justify a score that put more emphasis in punishing the imperfection that in awarding the art. The result was a bronze medal.