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The Booth

by yudaica2013 ·

When they met that evening, Antonio was very nervous. Not that he thought Stelle may not accept your offer of marriage, I knew how they loved them. What we feared is that the idea scared him away from London. He had always lived there with his parents. They went to dinner.

Antonio had told Stuart that he planned to do that night and he had left the booth available to them both. After dinner, Antonio drew from his pocket a box and offering it to Stelle excited voice said, "would accept to marry me? – Stelle, who had already guessed what Antonio was going to propose, for the anxiety they had noticed it in the last days, did not hesitate an instant. Took the case in his hands, opened it, he showed his joy Antonio produced this proposal, and the case in hand, rose from his chair and went to kiss him. "Of course I accept, is that perhaps you had doubt? -" No, "said Antonio sincerely, – had not hesitated to accept this proposal. Is there anything else I have to explain and do not know if you'll like. "Which is? She asked stunned Stelle .- I've intrigued. "I think you might be happy living in a village far from London, where I could buy my own business? -.

Stelle was not expecting this question but not intimidated. Antonio loved and knew I could trust him. "And everywhere we go.? -" Where we both like, where you can get a job like you have here and I get a restaurant according to my economy.