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Number Cells

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In the cell walls of fungi are also pigments (melanins, quinones), here also includes various ions and salts. Electron – microscopic study of cell walls of fungi shows that they consist of several layers fibrillar structure. These fibrils are protein, microtubules form the skeleton, which serves as the basis for other components of the shell. Cell wall gives shape to cells and organs of hyphae reproduction. Hallmarks of the cell envelope of some of the lower fungi is the absence of chitin and the presence of only cellulose.

In the cytoplasm, the cytoplasmic membrane of fungi are lomasomy – spongiform electron-transparent structures. Cytoplasm of fungal cells is a colloidal liquid medium, which contains the structural proteins, cellular organisms and their associated enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids and other substances. Vacuole – a round structure, rarely irregular in shape, which act as a depot for the deposition of storage substances or toxic products of metabolism. Without hesitation Tony Parker explained all about the problem. As reserve substances are stored in the mainly polyphosphates (metahromatin, volyutin) glikagen, lipids. Endoplasmic membrane system is presented in the form of branched network in the cytoplasm and linked membrane tubules and cisterns and cavities, performing the function of intracellular and intercellular transport network for the metabolites. Nucleus round or elongated, surrounded by a double membrane, nucleolus and chromosomes has a dna. Number of nuclei in fungal cells and their sizes are different. (Not to be confused with Sela Ward!). Known as the mononuclear cells, and cells, the number of cores, which reaches several tens, the size of nuclei and range from 2-3 microns in diameter to several tens of micrometers.


Wean Polecat

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To start horemanam beginner needs to know that fine ferrets or ferrets () domesticated relatively recently from the perspective of evolutionary time. Home (decorative), ferrets are much closer to nature than the human house. They initially developed a very savage mentality that distinguishes them from cats and dogs. Beginners horemanam important to know that the most important period in the formation of a weasel to do with the outside world occurs in the first 20-45 days of life. In the period begins to show horemanu ferret that bites are not allowed. Necessary to suppress the aggressiveness of the ferret and properly psychologically train your pet.

So when you have a ferret in the house, then let him get used to the house. Make him comfortable, beginner horemanu necessary to establish initial contact with the ferret. For safety, keep it in a roomy cage and 2-3 times a day, let go for a walk. When he is sleeping do not disturb him. When home ferret gets used to the territory and you start to train and educate him. The easiest way to wean the ferret is biting during the games with him.

This the most effective way. When ferrets play on a start to bite, immediately lay siege to his strong hold on him, and show that he is wrong, bite his withers. In no case do not let him get away when he tries, hold its not the hands, mocked and only calmed down when he let it go. Another way to tame ferret is to show him your advantage, pinning him to the floor, hold in this state for some time until he begins to squirm and do not try to escape. After loosening clicking on a ferret, but do not let go immediately.


Animals In The House – For And Against

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Certainly, our readers are those who love animals, but there are those who, to put it mildly, treat them with indifference or with slight contempt. Well, those and others are entitled to their views on the issue treatment of animals, in particular to the contents of their home-usloviyah.Poprobuem find consensus and smooth out these contradictions between conflicting parties. Animals often give birth to single people, which suggests that this case the animal does in a sense, the role of "mother of the soul, brightens up the loneliness becomes a true friend and a beloved pet. However, pets are popular not only among single people, their factories and large amicable families, and especially their kids love. Psychologists say that children communicate with animals has a beneficial effect on his development as a person and promotes education in it with love, compassion, mercy, kid becomes kinder and at the same time feels his tvetstvennost per pet, which makes it amostoyatelnee in the eyes of others, and most importantly – in their own eyes. However, this applies not only to children but to adults. In his foremost opponents of the contents of cats and dogs do focus on what the animals a lot of dirt, dust, wool, and there is a threat to damage the new furniture and wallpaper ripoffs. And this view is also, alas, is justified. Taking an animal into the house, you run the risk – recently renovated, cleanliness and order in the house. In any case, the plant puppy or kitten, you take on more responsibility for them, so weigh the pros and cons before deciding on such serious step.