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Two brothers war every morning in the lush forest to cut wood. Every day took turns so that one of them will stay in the cabin and prepare the food, to be able to eat anything more reach. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Tony Parker. One day, while the older brother was alone in the cabin, an Elf appeared and asked him if he could eat the remains of breakfast. The boy said yes and the dwarf began to eat. Suddenly he dropped the bread and asked the young man to collect it. When this is inclined, the dwarf hit him with a stick on the head.

The next morning, the second brother stayed only in the cabin, since the eldest went to the forest in search of dry wood, and the dwarf returned to appear. Asked if he could eat the remains of breakfast and the young man replied:-Yes, there is bread on the table. Serve you. When the dwarf dropped bread and asked the young man to collect it, he replied:-if not you can get you them with your own bread, not sobreviviras in this leafy forest. Collect it yourself. The dwarf thanked him and asked him if he would like to know where to find the Princess and the Treasury..