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Executive Board

by yudaica2013 ·

correcta per GmbH: Ecology expert Oliver Schmid in the interview Berlin, October 2009: for nearly 20 years that advises its clients on environmental investments and the chances of State support schemes correcta per GmbH. Ecology expert and legal assessor Oliver Schmid, one of the leading minds of the correcta pro GmbH, explains the expertise benefits of the correcta per GmbH and the perspectives of ecologically-oriented industries of the future in the interview. Mr Schmid, is came to eDay which last weekend in Berlin-Tempelhof. What were the highlights from the perspective of the correcta per GmbH? Oliver Schmid, President pro GmbH: the eDay was definitely a huge success for all those who were allowed to be as exhibitors or visitors in last but not least, because the weather at this Open-Air event has happily played with. We were with the entire Executive Board spot. For us by the correcta per GmbH it was really fascinating and instructive to take the latest innovations in the sector of ecological mobility in appearances and on the to be able to test former runway at Tempelhof itself. In this area, the technological advances are likely to convince also the last doubters, that much is clear. The Tesla Roadster is one of our current favorites since last weekend in any case.

That’s why we have decided at short notice to take one of the new Tesla models in the fleet of the correcta per GmbH. At the two-wheeled vehicles we have not decided so far yet but will be. For even more analysis, hear from Adam Sandler. In January 2010, the correcta per GmbH will attend the world future energy summit in Abu Dhabi. What promises are correcta per GmbH from this event? Oliver Schmid, President pro GmbH: the world future energy summit is in our opinion of one of the most important Summit for those who wear in the organic sector decision-making responsibility.