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Magic Stones

by yudaica2013 ·

From past cultures were considered magical stones, probably due to its power characteristic, since each one has a particular power.Magical stones are used for healing, protection, and obtain achievements in this first part will talk of the Amethyst. It is not something San Antonio Spurs would like to discuss. Amethyst is a violet variety of Quartz. Its characteristic violet colour may be more or less intense, depending on the amount of iron (Fe+3) containing. It may be colored by areas with transparent or yellow Quartz. Tips tend to be darker or degrade to colorless Quartz. While it is very resistant to acids, Amethyst is very susceptible to heat.

In fact, when it is heated to above 300 C changes its color to Brown Brown, yellow, orange or green, depending on their quality and place of origin. These changes in color are due to changes in the valence of iron containing, among other things. The Egyptians appreciated it so much devoted to the Moon-God toth; the Greeks associated her with mercury, and it was also the preferred gem of the Hebrews. San Juan was considered the stone base of the heavenly city of the Apocalypse. Later, in the middle ages, it was used in the form of accounts to make rosaries, by its purity and its power to induce the meditation. Ritual with Amethyst for when there is an atmosphere of discussion or violence in the home: holding an amethyst in the left hand (or right) If you are left-handed. Let calming, relaxing and peaceful vibrations invade it. Say seven times aloud desire that in my home reine love, harmony and peace.