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AMTEX Oil & Gas Inc.: Debt Crisis In The United States Affects Oil Prices

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President Obama aren’t easy, probably faces one of his most difficult tasks. At a press conference this week he put the Republican Congress once again under pressure, to raise the US debt ceiling, to let slip to the United States not in the insolvency. US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke also expressed during the press conference you should raise the debt ceiling, “to topple the US economy not a debacle”. This uncertainty affects not only on consumption, but also on the oil prices. They are indeed at a persistently high level, eased but still a little. So, OPEC said in its monthly report, that demand is expected to grow this year by 760,000 barrels per day to oil and thus maintains the forecast from the previous month. OPEC also expects that economic turmoil are likely to take less influence on the oil demand than in the previous year. The slight declines of in recent months would affect on prices while supporting and would Thus, a welcome side effect for the producing countries.

The development outside the OECD, such as India and China would also remain completely unaffected. Here, the demand would grow steadily. Investment opportunities, such as direct investments in oil or gas conveying systems, how they are being offered oil and gas Inc., for example, of the AMTEX, remain so attractive. Because regardless of the efforts to develop renewable energy, for example, China currently evolved into one of the biggest wind park locations in the world, a waiver on oil and gas is currently unthinkable. The persons in charge of the AMTEX oil and gas Inc. see to be able to acquire in their business field and due to years of experience therefore still good prospects, as well as the opportunity for investors at reasonable prices of monetary systems.


The Congress

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You saw that the Bank took care of their employees and offered them great opportunities. Yes, there were also employees who left the Bank. Some of them, because they could do nothing with the new culture. Others, because they realized that the profession of banker was not right for her in the course of the program. These employees were encouraged and assisted to go their way and find their passion. As a human Bank we wanted no Prisoners”have. We wanted employees, who wanted to be, because it felt right for them”, explains the strategy Stojanovic.

We have included the people, placed much value on their accomplishments, and made sure that everyone had fun. It was first and foremost to have fun at work!” The Australian Stock Exchange asked annual institutional investors 48 criteria to assess 50 Australian companies. The results are reported in the corporate confidence index”summarized. Prior to start of program breakout, the ANZ was Bank in most areas on the squares in the second half. 2004 took the 1st place CEO and the senior management team was on 8th, all other values were in the upper third of the good. In addition, McFarlane was elected 4 times in succession to the banker of the year.

The Bank was the Bank of the year and received multiple awards as an employer, providing equal opportunities. Impressive impact the story was so unique and successful, that the team led by Sonia Sansom funded themselves. The internal workshops, as well as internal consultations and the sale of merchandise paid by the business units and departments. An annual turnover of 10 million Australian dollars was attributed to this Department alone. Soon saw this external interested parties. There was an offer to buy a complete breakout team, to use it for other companies. The offer was rejected. Nevertheless or precisely the ANZ Bank remains as the most dramatic example of a business transformation “referred to. Other top Australian banks followed suit, so that the ANZ must ensure Bank again and again, to be one step ahead. “Schade finds Stojanovic, who in the meantime worked for McKinsey and now runs her own consulting firm, that it world’s very few generic” is. She said: only a few companies had or have the courage to make a similarly dramatic transformation. Many of the customers I work with, ignore the human factor completely. It seems as whether they are still living in the 80’s. The degree of ignorance in the United States and Europe is more than shocking.” While the example shows the ANZ Bank more than themselves international companies with the right management can become more successful and above all better company. For viewing employees as the most important asset, and to vote on people’s business model can be more than lip service. It can help as a bank to save themselves! John McFarlane met the only right decision at that time for the ANZ Bank. He said: we need to reduce costs, but include also the people. Because without the people the Bank is just a bunch of buildings, computers and hard drives.” The Congress of visionary economies”, for the first time in Munich will take place on 15th and 16th October 2011, speaks to people who share this vision. People who want to learn practical examples of successful companies and entrepreneurs. People who won’t want to miss the mega-trend. There is information about the Congress under Gaby file