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Andrade Production

by yudaica2013 ·

Bia Oliveira de Andrade the literal production is a verbal activity produced by the falante, in which if it in accordance with materialize the choice of half adjusted for its accomplishment, that is, the author of a text searchs to transmit to the reader its objectives, through the lexicons. Being thus, he is necessary that it has cohesion and coherence in the production, making with that the addressee can understand the repassed idea. It is necessary to also emphasize that the word text is not accurately one accumulated of untied phrases, but involves one ' ' teia' ' of affinities that need, as much of strategies, estimated so that it promotes its construction. Soon, ' ' text is the linguistic manifestation produced by somebody, in a concrete situation (context), with definitive intention; its production estimates, always, the existence of an interlocutor, to who the author if dirige' ' (BRAZIL, 2005, P. 13).

Therefore, one knows that each the text plays a definitive function and that it serves as species of models. Ahead of this, in the elaboration of a text, it requires much attention, therefore, exist some aspects that assist in the understanding of the speech, beyond, of the cited ones above? cohesion and coherence? it still has, the precision and the concision. In this in case that, in the literal production, the necessary author to have a balance, that is, to make with that its text is not very extensive, nor very summarized, beyond observing the used expressions, so that he does not harm the understanding of the reader. In a similar way, that the text allows resulted from the social interaction, therefore, it is a communicative and dynamic activity, however, sight not only in this way, but a language as expression of the thought, where the author knows to display and to organize its ideas, through its point of view.