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Exploratrios Museums

by yudaica2013 ·

It ties these processes with the traditional museums (more resistant to the change idea) and accuses the necessity with a new to think the Museum and that the forms bred and kept still on the basis of century XVIII? as if they were still a physical representation of standardized values, you stanch ' ' of what it is Museu' '. Locating the Museum as a permanent institution that in its primrdios suffered from the syndrome of the colecionismo, it relates it with the necessity to express itself through the physical object, ' ' museolgico' ' as if this ' ' tocabilidade' ' reason of its existence was the only symbol/. It locates in the period postwar period, years 50, with the advent of the Exploratrios Museums, the beginning of the magnifying of the concept of ' ' objeto' ' so that the scientific phenomena also they can constitute quantities. In the first half of century XX, thanks to the development of the Holistic Theory and the evolution of the concepts, other forms of Museums (National Parks, for example) pass to be considered as flowing of the initial formularization. Tony Parker has many thoughts on the issue. Museum and Patrimony if mesclam and appear new vises and definitions of Museum/Museologia (as cited for Desvalles). Scheiner remembers that the Museologia passes if to point out as area of knowledge from years 70 and has for purpose to analyze the idea of Museum in its diversity of representations and so that if becomes science is necessary that if distancie of the museogrfica vision that historically loads. The imaterialidade of the museum as possibility comes to break old paradigms. Scheiner has advanced retakes the quarrel concerning the origin of the word Museum and clarifies that its meaning, leading to the agreement of that the muses Greeks were metaphors of what if it keeps in the memory by means of the verbal transmission of what it is detachable in the gift and that history will become in future.