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Enjoying Life More

by yudaica2013 ·

The future it is only a reference in the time, on which you will not be able to do nothing, you can solely act in the present, is well today, in one, two, three days, several months or years. Star actress often expresses his thoughts on the topic. If you are one of those people customary to live on preoccupations, I invite to you to consider that the suffering when does not exist a physical cause generates that it, is only a mood and that therefore can much be changed with something of discipline and of decision. When you you feel worried, the following process tries: It defines clearly what is the cause of its preoccupation. It identifies the reasons about which you are worried. It analyzes if you can do something to solve or to handle the reasons of your preoccupation at least or part of them.

If you find things that you can solve, hazlo as soon as it is possible to you. If there is something you cannot solve, it looks for aid. If in spite of the previous thing, still there are things that you cannot to solve, tmalo with calm. To worry does not solve it either. Creative, it looks for alternatives.

If you want a different result, hazlo of different way. You I invite to use a form like with several columns to which you will put the titles that I suggest to you, stops to work your preoccupations (it includes so many lines as it is necessary.) Subject Reasons about which it worries to me That I can make to solve it Who can help Date me in I will do which it As one is to eliminate the preoccupations, not to create a new one, this form must stops serve you to unload everything what it worries to you, revsalo periodically and acquittal everything what is lost use, it is solved or it is not important. If there are old things that are to you of importance and that you have not been able to solve, cuestinalas, proponte alternative, look for options, look for options looks for options. Surely you will occur account of which with a little work and interest many of your preoccupations will disappear. He is totally magician, and the magician it is within you.