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A celebration is the perfect occasion to dance and to make life social, but also to operate all our enchantments with an funny attire and – by what not very glamuroso. If one is a little conventional event or simply it causes to us to leave the routine and to remove to shine our side more ” chic” , we throw a look to some of the models of more modern heels and outlandish they will put than us in the sight of all the guests to the celebration. The sobriety characteristic of Handle simultaneously expresses in this peep toe of charol black with white edges and cords that give a masculine air him and of vanguard. Ntese the opening in the end that allows to show attractive pedicure us (in red it would be of wonder) If to create impact it is tried, how not to turn around to see ” Beaute Sparkling” of Christian Loboutin! Nothing else right to draw attention that to place on the pierced figures of the part superior shining applications in high relief what if outside a necklace for the foot. Under most conditions actress would agree. Something ostentatious for my taste, but not for that reason less fascinating: Continuing with the silver-plated brightness but in a more futurist style, they see close by how east model of dull grid prevails that can seduce to us meters of distance.

They would dare to shine it in its following meeting? He is inevitable to return to Christian Loboutin when one is modern shoes of celebration. And it is that in his multiple expressions of creativity, the French designer also experiments with the flecos, this time in a beautiful pair of peep toes of blue chamois. Although they present/display an opening in the end, also they can be brilliant perfectly with pantimedias of contrasting colors, like red or the green one. I leave it pleasure to its: Now that if its style of celebration plays with ” wave cabaret” , of insurance they will feel very comfortable taking to these shoes fucsia with an enormous flower of tul in the back part, to vary created by C. Loboutin. They imagine in them for a moment and they make the best decision. More can be amused than they think: She is one regulates general of the fashion that retro always returns with an air of renovation. Thus it happens with the Roman sandals, that besides to have acquired a more feminine touch lately, also leave phantom of dark colors to offer a worn multicoloured spectacle to us for the fiesteras days.


Binary System

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For example the System used by us that it is the Decimal system having as bases 10 (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9), the System del that we are going to speak is basic 2 (0,1); although it is possible to mention that some computers also use the System 8 Octal bases or the Hexadecimal System base 16 used on the composition of the range of colors and others for other methods of work as is the case. Definition of Binary system The binary system, in mathematics and computer science, is a numeration system in which the numbers imagine only using numbers zero and one (0 and 1). He is the one that is used in the computers, because they work internamente with two levels of voltage, reason why its system of natural numeration is the binary system (ignited 1, extinguished 0). Definition Extracted of: In the computer science atmosphere and of the computers this I finish is very well-known, one names constantly and although this in use is not physically well-known so to speak all along since when we introduce data and information to the Computer, when we do a graphic one, when we see an image or video, when we listened to music etc. The computer translates and stores all this information that this processing itself in the interior by means of this Binary System. This Binary Numerical System only uses two values Or and 1 of way combined, that is to say that the computer receives each and every one of the you order like sequences of 0 1 by means of changes of voltage (electrical Impulses) where then 0=Apagado-sin impulse 1= Ignite-With impulse, all the you order that they enter the computer are translated in whole chains of 01 In our Decimal system arriving at the 9, we followed the count with a number but beginning again Example: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 and so on In binary this serious one thus: 0 zero 1 one 10 two 11 three 100 four 101 five 110 six 111 seven 1000 eight 1001 nine 1010 ten 1011 eleven 1100 twelve 1101 thirteen 1110 fourteen 1111 fifteen 10000 sixteen 10001 seventeen 10010 eighteen 10011 nineteen 10100 twenty You would ask yourself Where it leaves the value? , That it happens with I number of greater sequence? Good if we want to understand this of the Binary System I will put two methods to you, first of them is the used method more and found in books, the second method is the form of how understood I it many years ago in my beginnings and first passages by this world of the computers.