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Stephen Covey

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Its character is the root of its strength and the spiritual nucleus that life gives him to the root. On the matter it comments the Dr. Rum Jenson: is urgent to Us to carry out a return to the spiritual roots and to concentrate us in the character. These are the true bases the authentic one to be able personal. What counts is the one who you in most intimate are of your being, in deepest of your faith, in its spiritual strength. Your character determines who you are. What you are determines what you see. And what you see it determines what beams.

Your spiritual life is expressed through your character. It is why the development of the character is the center of the development of the life man; and, consequently, it must be his priority. The character is, according to Stephen K. Mawell and other authors, a conventional belief that it is in a conduct consistent. We can see that the character begins inside the man (a conventional belief) and it are expressed externally (consistent conduct). That belief or internal conviction defines the directions by which the individual is related to the world and the people. The character defines all our style of external life: conducts and attitudes.

To focus on the character is to develop the internal sphere of the man (thoughts, capacity of election, forms to relate to us to others, form to feel). Bibliography: 1. Rum Jenson, How to achieve the authentic success, 2002.2. Stephen Covey, the 7 Habits of highly effective people, 1989.3. Biblical Stephen K. McDowell, Principles for the reform of the nations, 1992.4. Stephen Covey, First First, 1995.5. Stephen Covey, Leadership Centered in Principles, 1993. Original author and source of the article.



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A celebration is the perfect occasion to dance and to make life social, but also to operate all our enchantments with an funny attire and – by what not very glamuroso. If one is a little conventional event or simply it causes to us to leave the routine and to remove to shine our side more ” chic” , we throw a look to some of the models of more modern heels and outlandish they will put than us in the sight of all the guests to the celebration. The sobriety characteristic of Handle simultaneously expresses in this peep toe of charol black with white edges and cords that give a masculine air him and of vanguard. Ntese the opening in the end that allows to show attractive pedicure us (in red it would be of wonder) If to create impact it is tried, how not to turn around to see ” Beaute Sparkling” of Christian Loboutin! Nothing else right to draw attention that to place on the pierced figures of the part superior shining applications in high relief what if outside a necklace for the foot. Under most conditions actress would agree. Something ostentatious for my taste, but not for that reason less fascinating: Continuing with the silver-plated brightness but in a more futurist style, they see close by how east model of dull grid prevails that can seduce to us meters of distance.

They would dare to shine it in its following meeting? He is inevitable to return to Christian Loboutin when one is modern shoes of celebration. And it is that in his multiple expressions of creativity, the French designer also experiments with the flecos, this time in a beautiful pair of peep toes of blue chamois. Although they present/display an opening in the end, also they can be brilliant perfectly with pantimedias of contrasting colors, like red or the green one. I leave it pleasure to its: Now that if its style of celebration plays with ” wave cabaret” , of insurance they will feel very comfortable taking to these shoes fucsia with an enormous flower of tul in the back part, to vary created by C. Loboutin. They imagine in them for a moment and they make the best decision. More can be amused than they think: She is one regulates general of the fashion that retro always returns with an air of renovation. Thus it happens with the Roman sandals, that besides to have acquired a more feminine touch lately, also leave phantom of dark colors to offer a worn multicoloured spectacle to us for the fiesteras days.