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Cultural Heritage Bolshoi Theatre

by yudaica2013 ·

Today we can safely say about the Bolshoi, he is one of the main characters, emphasizing the greatness of our culture. Only in recent years the Bolshoi has convinced us that he can not just ask in the performance different creative tasks, but also successfully bring them to the final resolution. By visiting our site, you'll be introduced to everything and a repertory plan to order tickets to the Bolshoi Theater. At the Bolshoi, you have opportunity to see the variety of the opera and ballet, as the most interesting or surprising spectacle musical performance. You will make a nice gift memorable not only for themselves but also make your holiday children! On our site you will be able Playbill going to the Bolshoi Theater.

Bolshoi Theatre – is a National Theatre of Russia, our media center and world music, interpret their heritage in the light of necessary spiritual needs of Russian society, contributing to the rapid development of musical theater in Russia. Without interrupting their daily activities, the Bolshoi has implemented a number of educational Project: Prime Minister 'Songs Gurr' Schoenberg concert legend 'Damnation of Faust "by Berlioz. Enjoy great popularity began to regenerate Symphony Orchestra performances of the Bolshoi Theatre New Stage and the Great Hall of Moscow Conservatory. After the reconstruction of the Bolshoi has preserved not only their traditions, but also found the symbolism of our new Russia!