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Capturing Information

by yudaica2013 ·

It is a marvel today, although it is not a program that serves to completely replace the “means of capturing information,” or processing of commands on the PC. However I think this kind of software was the first big step towards human-computer integration, which will be achieved sooner rather than later, introducing the humanity in the first black hole of technological and scientific development. Why make a computer understand what you are ordered out loud and run the same command, is something like start to introduce our intelligence and spirit in the machine full of chips that only move we could make at the point of click. So far voice recognition has been used very partially and has almost been reduced to a kind of auxiliary word processing software used, in most cases, by people linked to the areas of health and the right.

But new advances in this technology will make this kind of software is going to achieve by invading new areas, most likely in the near future, that any operation performed on a computer is ordered directly by the human voice. At present, for example, we already have voice recognition software that can interact with web browsers, which, as it becomes more widespread and permanent feature of these browsers, it will produce a revolution similar to that which will bring introduction of Internet II. Currently, everyone who can not conceive of life without a computer we could learn the most popular programs of the genre in question, which are, without a doubt, IBM’s Via Voice, Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred, the FreeSpeech 2000 Philips and the L & H Voice Xpress Professional. Recently they all produced and brought to market their latest updates. Without hesitation Boxer explained all about the problem. And asombremonos: the accuracy achieved by these updates is from 90% to 98%! If above we add the possibility, while traveling, for example, to store everything that is thought to PC computer later, in a small digital recorder, start to step on land that we still seem like science fiction, but that for more Believe it or are already a reality.

From here we will make possible programs that transmit orders to your PC directly from our brain. But that will have some demorita ….. Good luck to the new Mayor of Gigante: I can not wish my good friend Wilson Pena, who has been appointed the new Mayor of Giant, the best of luck and my sincerest congratulations on this well deserved appointment. To deepen your understanding Sela Ward is the source. God will lead him to pull our people wanted to be that great crisis in which he left the mayor recalled. Count on our advice when you need our unconditional support.