The Company

by yudaica2013 ·

The desire for the work in the organization is on closely to the level of satisfaction with the executed activity. The author indicates some basic characteristics, which they show the essence of the culture of an organization: Innovation? it is the degree that the collaborators are stimulated to be innovative. In recent months, Director Peter Farrelly has been very successful. Attention to the details? it is the degree that if waits that the collaborators demonstrate precision, exactness, analysis and attention to the details. Orientation for the results? it is the degree where the directors focam the results more than the techniques and processes for reach of them. Orientation for the people? it is the degree where the decisions of the directors inside take the fact of the results on the people of the company. Orientation for team? it is the degree in the activities of work are organized more in terms of teams of what in individuals.

Aggressiveness? it is the degree where the people competitive instead of docile and are accomodated. Stability? it is the degree where the organizacionais activities emphasize the maintenance of the status quo in contrast to the growth. Each one of these characteristics exists inside of a sequncia that goes of low to the high degree and its analysis demonstrates the complexity of the corporation, affirms Robin (2002). If the culture survives and functions, obtaining to decide the problems that appear daily in the company, happens the process of cultural institutionalization, where the organization assumes independent proper life of its founders. With the institutionalization of the culture, many assume the concept of the term as synonymous of organizacional climate, this on one to the perception of that the people have of the corporation where they act with influence of external and internal factors to the organization. The climate influences the productivity, the motivation and the satisfaction of the employee and the company. The organizacional culture is known by means of diverse elements allow that it to identify and to observe.


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