The disaster in Lviv

by yudaica2013 ·

On 27 July 2002 a Sukhoi Su-27 aircraft which carried out maneuvers in an air show near Lviv, Ukraine, went ashore where he was the public. 84 people died and over 110 were injured. Until today, is the worst plane crash during an air show in history. The aircraft performed maneuvers at low altitude when it lost altitude and the left wing touched the ground. instantly, the pilots ejected. The plane crashed, dragging his body aircraft against surface and spectators. The pilots survived virtually unscathed and fell near the accident site. Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma publicly blamed the military for the disaster and the commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, V. Strelnykov was forced to resign.Defense Minister Volodymyr Shkidchenko also resigned, but the president refused. The presumed causes of the accident were: Pilot error. Engine failure. Violation of the rules of flight crew or ground coordinator. Flight plan inappropriate, particularly poor relationship between the maneuvering area and spectator area. Full fuel tank, which was slower and more difficult to control the plane. On 24 June 2005, a military court sentenced the pilot of the aircraft, to 48 years in prison. The court also found guilty on three other officers for negligence and violation of the rules of flight. The three officers convicted were subject to sentences of between 6 and 4 years in prison. VIDEO OF THE ACCIDENT

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