The financial market taken as a whole

by yudaica2013 ·

But there is one additional evidence that the financial market, taken as a whole, not cree what is happening. I ask a friend manager that I send what has been the evolution of the indicator Crossover yesterday, adding a set of credit default swaps, or CDS investment grade, which measures the risk premium demanded by the market to such emissions. His track was and is of extraordinary importance. Not in vain, its contribution had soared in the past two weeks to the point of causing many analysts to reach a dramatic conclusion: we must not wait any longer, the credit crunch is here. There is no volume (even in traditionally safe as the market for student loans Americans) nor reasonable prices. An Armageddon scenario of course incompatible with a rise of the bags. Well, closing levels were slightly higher than the start of the day. But substantially below those reached at noon. That is: if there was a crisis of credit, it was still among us yesterday when we were going to bed.

Take another reference, the Main (the same rate for the highest quality bonds). The intraday movement is repeated in almost identical. With an additional but. Traditionally, the upturn in this indicator came accompanied by sharp falls in stock markets. This is called correlation, in this case around. It happened on July, when it happened in less than a month from 25 to 70 basis points or a differential of 0.7% to add to the debt risk-free. First notice. It happened also in November, when the jump was 40 to 65. Second. January was paradigmatic since the rebound from 50 to 90 led to a fall of EuroStoxx close to 20%. Third notice and the bull pen. Or at least it seems. From late January to today, the main Itraxx has risen from 0.75% to 1.05% and

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