The Objects

by yudaica2013 ·

In contrast of the masks, osbonecos are more complex and have enormous possibilities of action. For they issorepresentam the man better. But it is not a miniature of the man, the proper temvida doll where the actor serves as mediating of this process. In a question-answer forum Sofar Sounds was the first to reply. Masks and bonecosso faces in search of a body or beings in soul search. Beyond expressaremidias.

The objects are symbols econtem energies. To dramatizar with objects she is necessary to transform using them acriatividade. From this transformation and the use of the movement the MSCARASAs creates-seos personagens.1.1 masks, initially soacessrios to cover the face, used for diverse intentions during ahistria. In its etimologia, word Portuguese mask (device of cardboard, cloth, leather, metal etc. that simulates the configuration of a face or part of it eque if puts in the face to hide the feies, as a disguise that creates enganosa umaaparncia), drift of the Italian word maschera. The word italianamaschera, in turn, proceeds from the Latin word chews (enganosa appearance/witch), that in turn it comes from a word of the daily pay-indoeuropeu chews (enganosa appearance), proceeding from the snscrito mkara that aoornamento was mentioned that if puts or dresses the head or to the device for whose use somebody setornava unrecognizable, leading to the deceit, for the presented appearance, to who oidentificasse with what is represented by chews (for the enganosa appearance). At the beginning of its history, asmscaras was made of used skin of animal in the face, where the homensprimitivos if camouflaged to attract its canine tooth during its huntings.

Since oprincipio the mask has the character of disfarar, to simulate and to transform. Estesmesmos primitive men had total linking to the nature, it had for everything the queo encircled fear and respect where whenever they tried to interpret the fenmenosnaturais its return, the explanations that found were always relacionadasao supernatural. For they did not have the distanciamento that today she has between onatural and the supernatural one, the terrena life and the extraterrena seemed estarinterligadas.


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