The Romantics

by yudaica2013 ·

Throughout the centuries had occurred the evolutions of the languages and the forms of varied expression meet each time more. In way that literature suffers historical influences, lingusticas and cultural in elapsing of its trajectory, changes these that if they reflect in the arts and the way to think and to act of a generation. Being literature on result of the quarrels and thoughts to one determined time and culture. The way to write and the form to express of an author or a school take emotion, commotion and criticidade to the intent reader to the space between lineses of the workmanship that bases its lives deeply social. The emotion in the poetries or the revolts in chats social changes the thought criticizes of the reading public, as well as its way to act, being these the main targets of the workmanships, that many times show or try to show the real face of so suffered society. Literature possesss the characteristics to revolutionize times in diverse aspects, being deliberated modifications and advances in the culture, the effective language and the forms of behavior, everything inside of an ample prism of people and its interferences, languages and cultures, become a way of transmission of ideas and thoughts. The Romantismo, literary school of century XVIII, was an artistic movement, politician and philosophical, in which possua as main characteristics a contrary vision of world to the rationalism, marked the neoclssico period and searched a exacerbado and utopian nationalism in the figure of the indian. Also marked for a strong subjetivismo, in order to influence in the arts and the life the taste for the death, the perfect idealizao of the perfect love, the cordialidade, among others characteristic. The Modernismo of century XX possua the characteristic to revolutionize the arts, in only in the writings as them you chat and the poetries, but also in the sculpture, the architecture, the painting and music.


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