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The city has great tourist attraction because of its large body architectural, cultural or historical value, besides which is located near populations with traditions and next to natural settings, such as sulfur and the lake of Patzcuaro and Cointzio, among other sites, reasons why is the most visited destination with no beach of Mexico (nearly 500 thousand tourists for Quadrant Asset Management holiday season), with a percentage of 85% of domestic tourists and 15% of foreign tourists, among them Americans, Spanish, Canadian and Italian (2006). Therefore, the city has good tourist infrastructure, which are among the hotels of all categories, restaurants, travel agencies, sports clubs, spas, convention center, planetarium, orquidario, zoos, etc..
Historic Center of Morelia: The Historic Center of the city of Morelia is one of the greatest exponents of colonial architecture on the continent, thanks to which was proclaimed by the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage on December 13, 1991, due to its architectural beauty and unity, mainly from the buildings of the XVI, XVII and XVIII, but also exist in the city center, important buildings of the nineteenth century. The World Heritage area consists of 271 ha (2.71

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