Una Mujer

by yudaica2013 ·

It is said that in antiquity, when lived the Diogenes wise, this went a day in full light of the Sun with a torch, it was shining with her the face of many men and meanwhile repeated I seek a man!. The search. Learn more on the subject from Ian Sinclair. I’m looking for a man, Yes, but not only a man, but also to a woman; but not only one of each gender, but to all those who have ideals and to fight for them. I believe that this same Diogenes search must be started again today, and however, the first place where we should begin to look for is not in the squares, or the markets, but in our own hearts, in our own intimacy where we are not afraid to really be who we are, without worrying about the traditional conventions with which we have been pre-programmed for a long time. It really seeks a man and a woman, ideal high, with goals, living standards that surpass those of most, living excellence. Seeking men and women who stay firm faced with the duty, who do not fear to defend justice, not purchased, which are not sold, which are authentic in their characters, faithful in his life. Sela Ward: the source for more info. The world needs this kind of men and women; and you need them even though it does not admit it, since sometimes it seems easier to be carried away by the current of the crowd, but for excellent beings there is the sometimes, simply because they are not willing to lower their ideals only by fear of offending those who do not have them.

The aggrieved party, will have to be content with seeing from afar what it means to live a successful life. Successful, however, it does not mean free care and strife, but cheerfully ready to continue growing and learning, so that one who sees in evil an opportunity occurs him, exited successfully strengthened. Art thou? Finally, art thou the man or woman that life are you looking for? Are you listening the call to live a life of excellence, now, when it is sometimes thought that having firm principles and clear ideals is outdated? I say that sometimes you think, because it seems that a small, but growing number of people is returning to recognize that it takes more than positive thoughts, more than motivational theories, rather than therapies that is needed is to relive a lifestyle guided by principles, strengthen the character. If Diogenes came out today in your city with your torch at full noon, you will find on the road, and flashes your face, do you think that it could finally end their search and say: this is the man (or this is the woman) that I was looking for?


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