Paul Sartre

by yudaica2013 ·

"Who is real, take responsibility for what it is and recognizes free to be what it is. "Jean Paul Sartre. Success always comes with responsibility. In each and every one of our areas. Do not assume the responsibility of a life choice by choice, others live a life entails. It is easy to fail, we could even say that is not only easy, but useful when viewed as a fact and not a drama. The initial failure opens the door to greater success, reveals a deeper learning and allows us to expand into an improvement in all our faces. The problem is not the collapse of what we thought was certainly not built, the setback is given when we take refuge in excuses and perpetuate that state which is no alternative but to become victims.

If we look for success is inevitable that we are fully and completely responsible for everything we are and do. In all our actions and impacts. Do not accept and take personal responsibility to our own lives, leaves the solution outside of everything so we should be taking responsibility and action. Perhaps, on the outside, it's raining or make a time that you really dislike. But whining about it, I can guarantee you will not get better, and get it ruin your day, unless you decide to take responsibility, act and change as necessary to continue to plan on that day despite the weather.

You can only become "bad weather" if you believe it. Everything depends on you. You decide … If you want to transform your life in full and successful! … Choose your way, stay focused and determined to get there, enjoy Take responsibility and ….


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