Volmerz Levitt was

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Volmerz Levitt was born in the district of Main-Kinzig-Kreis, a small town near the German city of Frankfurt. In 1935 he moved with his family to Dayton (Ohio, USA) fleeing Nazi persecution. He studied primary school in Dayton, where he wrote articles for the school magazine column. Later he began his secondary education at the Hight School in Dayton, arranging it with a small job as a reporter with the Dayton Herald. He finished his studies he joined the army and fought in World War II, on his return he graduated in economics at Antioch University receiving his AB in 1949. Two years later obtained a doctorate in economics from Ohio State University and began his teaching at the University of North Dakota. In 1959 he accepted a professorship at the Harvard Business School. When he retired from teaching he was appointed Professor Emeritus at Harvard University in May 2003.He died of cancer on June 28, 2006 at his home in Belmont, Massachusetts.

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