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the Chair of the EnTrust Capital Diversified Fund Investment Committee is spent time as a Vice President at Goldman, Sachs & Co., which he joined in 1992 training WHAT strategy IS SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DEVELOPMENT ‘The systems leaders analysis skills and design refers team building to the process of examining the situation of an enterprise with the purpose of improving methods and procedures most appropriate. Information Systems implement changes in 4 areas. 1 .- managers Working smarter. 2 .- Global change in the concept of industry. 3 .- Images and information taken more importance than money. 4 .- The people who work with the information dominate the workforce. 1 .- work management smarter. Facilitate customer service the efficient operation of offices, innovation electronic banking accounting functions. New ideas and technologies are the factors of success. 2 .- Global Fusion businesses. Functions of the bana, stock, real estate. They were separated by law. The transaction information is real. Information systems were created that involve money, stocks and entrepreneur properties. 3 .- Images and information. Before the most important was the use of capital, money and resources. Today is the ideas and the use of the management training information. 4 .- coaching Users of the information workers. business technology 28 time management of salary is manufacturing. The rest is for information management. Use, create, manage information. Users. A system helps you work more efficiently

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