Zilberman Society

by yudaica2013 ·

Leaving of this estimated, he fits the reflections of Zilberman that explana clearly that in a society that grows by means of industrialization and if it modernizes in result of the new available technological resources, infantile literature assumes, since the start, the merchandise condition. There the importance of books, as of Wander the Antunes, to be adequate the situation of the current society, where, even so some values we importantssimos they are not taken advantage, still they exist reading made use to live in way literature. When inquiring ' ' to live literatura' ' we cannot leave to comment on the paper of the school in this experience. The union of literature and the school start from the moment that the child if sees in way the workmanships printed that, in the truth, are disponibilizadas in the proper school. It is used to advantage to remember that the responsible one in stimulating the infantile reader is the school to admire and to have contact with the literary compositions. Let us see what Zilberman displays: The bows between literature and the school start since this point: the qualification of the child for the consumption of workmanships printed.

This sets in motion a circuit that places literature, of a side, as intermediate between the child and the society of consumption that if imposes to the few; e, of other, as caudatria of the action of the school, to who fits to promote and to stimulate as condition to make possible its proper circulation. (Zilberman and Lajolo, 2006. P. 17) Nelly Novaes Rabbit 2005 affirms that we are with that they say ' ' sim' ' literature, and in special, those that know that literature contributes for the formation of it leitorem society. Aindaexpe that is to the book that we attribute the biggest responsibility of the formation of the conscience of world of the children and the young.


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