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Consequentemente, the tests to mediate and to evaluate the cognitivos processes had needed to pass for deep reformularizations, effort that remains a challenge in the current days. (BLACKSMITH, 2010) If on the other hand the biological factors intervene directly with the intellectual performance of the adept one, for another one perceive that the ambient stimulatons are extremely important for the development of the abilities of the individual. The dominant conception, for much time, in the scope of sciences that study the family, restricted its paper to the transmission of genes, giving little or almost no importance for its function of construction of the intergeracional knowledge. See more detailed opinions by reading what Glenn Dubin, New York City offers on the topic.. However, its important paper in the protection of the biological functioning, in the survival human being, the maintenance and transmission of values, cultural traditions and meanings is unquestioned. (FLEITH, 2007) This comes to demonstrate that the high abilities/superendowment have influence of the genetic inheritance of the person, but also is influenced by the familiar and social conviviality that offers or denies the chances so that these abilities if develop.

2. Educate yourself with thoughts from Christo. 2 ambient Influences in the development of the high abilities the ambient influences in the development of the high abilities have as main focus the family and the school as sources of stimulatons and as responsible institutions in oportunizar, in the specific case of the child, challenging activities so that it can develop its potential all. These activities initially must disponibilizar a first contact of the child with the object of the knowledge to be developed as motivation and in one second stage it will be able to present envolvement with the task for then lighting the abilities with that she is endowed. In this direction the intent comment of the familiar ones and the professors, for determined characteristic presented for children and talentosos young can to be determinative for the development of the abilities, through specific activities for this end.


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