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Extracted photos of the Lodi.es site It is necessary to follow the tendencies in fashion and for that reason we do not have to forget complements one them is the footwear. This 2012 we will enjoy best the fashion for boots the soccer of dream design that will cause that we shine beautiful and realised, since the boots of woman for the next season, offer to elegance maintaining the calentito foot. This autumn-winter 2012, the great companies offer an ample range of models and options in the best thing of the fashion in boots for woman. One of the tendencies, is the boot high, near the knee, with high heel, or variable sole, flat wedge or, very showy with strong and classic, elegant, bold, and feminine colors for the woman of the 21st century.With textures in which the screens stand out by far brightness, boots with cords, the skins and the floral details in boots semi I am transparent, in clear tones like the skin or forts like the red, blue or yellow color.The booties, also will have their east place autumn-winter 2012, with models more falsified, elegant and refinings, where the designs with details like the heavy heel and of wedge will stand out, with cintos and crossed strap, and velvety fabrics..


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