Animals In The House – For And Against

by yudaica2013 ·

Certainly, our readers are those who love animals, but there are those who, to put it mildly, treat them with indifference or with slight contempt. Well, those and others are entitled to their views on the issue treatment of animals, in particular to the contents of their home-usloviyah.Poprobuem find consensus and smooth out these contradictions between conflicting parties. Animals often give birth to single people, which suggests that this case the animal does in a sense, the role of "mother of the soul, brightens up the loneliness becomes a true friend and a beloved pet. However, pets are popular not only among single people, their factories and large amicable families, and especially their kids love. Psychologists say that children communicate with animals has a beneficial effect on his development as a person and promotes education in it with love, compassion, mercy, kid becomes kinder and at the same time feels his tvetstvennost per pet, which makes it amostoyatelnee in the eyes of others, and most importantly – in their own eyes. However, this applies not only to children but to adults. In his foremost opponents of the contents of cats and dogs do focus on what the animals a lot of dirt, dust, wool, and there is a threat to damage the new furniture and wallpaper ripoffs. And this view is also, alas, is justified. Taking an animal into the house, you run the risk – recently renovated, cleanliness and order in the house. In any case, the plant puppy or kitten, you take on more responsibility for them, so weigh the pros and cons before deciding on such serious step.

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