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Have you ever wondered whether any, of the true New Year? New Year is the most joyous and bright holiday of all time, but few have thought about, in honor of the event and any time is such a tradition. Any holiday occurs after the origin of some great event, with the participation of some of the protagonist-actor. (Given the fact that it is the scene of Drama and we in it the actors). Over time, each generation exalt Him. Connect with other leaders such as Ken Kao here. In honor of him compose songs and epics. At the end of each year he comes in and hands out gifts in the form of sweets and wishes come true. And so, who is the Father-frost (or Santa Claus), where it comes from? What kind of candy? Who is Maiden? (Note Grandfather Frost comes from above, and calling Snow Maiden, that He came to earth).

Why a Christmas tree, it symbolizes? Why it is decorated with garlands and toys and what they symbolize? So who is this The protagonist? (Or are we so stupid and will celebrate without thinking?): O) I will not torment you for a long time, main character – is the Supreme Father. All people have two fathers, one flesh, the other spiritual. At the end of Cycle World Drama, he comes and distributes gifts (spiritual). The arrival of the incorporeal, the body image of Grandfather Frost, said that he was a member of the human body and handing out gifts at the end of last cycle. A bit of a cycle of world drama. The fact that the appearance and Evolutionary development is not linear, but cyclical. This conclusion comes now, and scientists. The cycle can be represented in the form of a circle has neither beginning nor end.

One round – one cycle. It can also be written as hours. The clock is always spinning in one direction. Beginning and end become one where converge the clock at midnight. The next minute it is starting a new cycle. The future becomes the present, present becomes the past and the past once again becomes the present


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