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Stay at least for a moment, stop and look around you. Look carefully at the near and dear to people that we leave them behind? Will they remember our love, kindness and acceptance of them as they are? Or they will remember more Criticism, anger, resentment – is behind this, we came into this world? Is this for we have come here on planet Earth to wreak destruction around them and to leave behind the wounds and pain in the hearts of friends and relatives our people? How much emotional wounds we can heal, but how many of them do not let just being able to stop and look around, look at yourself and at life. Look and think about everything that we do and what we do. How many all can be avoided and stopped, if only we have time to time, to stop in time ready to break our lips the words of discontent and anger. Stop and look at ourselves. – That's an angry mother drags resisted, violently sobbing, until recently a happy and joyful son. If you have read about Margaret Loesser Robinson already – you may have come to the same conclusion. And what did he do? Let's hear it can be done something terrible, some terrible crime, since it is with such anger and irritation yelling at him?: – "Look, I just yesterday you had washed those pants! Do you know how much money I laid out for them, and you do not appreciate, instead, that would sit on the bench, smeared their ice cream! And that can not be accurate, how many times can I ask you not to run with other children, you have 5 years, it would be time to think his head against unlucky! "- that hurt? I do not know about you, but my soul is crying, my soul is torn to pieces when I hear such things. You know, one time I so wanted to stop these people, give them to feel what I feel now their child. .

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