Ethnic Style

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ethno ethno recently in Russia and the West has become extremely popular. It is based on ancient knowledge about the world around us and the forces that govern them. The word 'ethnic' is derived from the Greek ethnos – a tribe, people. On elements of ancient crafts and arts, on the original characters, which are transformed into patterns over time based Absolutely Africa. That is why the living space, decorated in the style of ethno is the most natural and lively, comfortable for humans. After all, man has not yet come up with artificial materials such as concrete and plastic, not imprisoned himself in a space filled with inharmonious broken lines, sharp and right angles in those ancient times, of which draw inspiration from people who create modern Absolutely Africa. This is – woven mats, kitchen utensils, metal, clay and wood furniture from wicker and bamboo, solid wood, with good visibility Natural wood-grain rough cloth, the best rough rough, with small knots, leather and rattan. (Source: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City). We can see the reflection of nature in all products made in this style.

Etnoveschi environmentally friendly. Touch multifaceted world of ethno offer to you. Garden-style ethno – it created stylized Russian designer landscaped park, an English manor house, the options are endless. In the implementation of any, even the most daring, thought the company Planet ETNO will be glad to help you. Our designers come up with you and create etnosad for you. Let us together pofantaziruem. You, perhaps, like the east? Japan, quiet and thoughtful? Conciseness, and emphasis more expressive detail, a small number of subjects in the interior, screens and mats and relaxing colors, light wicker furniture, prints, thin trickle of water falling from a bamboo stem on the mossy stone one or more formed in the style of bonsai trees, a bridge across the calm surface of water …

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