by yudaica2013 ·

Holistic education tries to show that the entire planet is part of a broader, that this system integrated into another system, and we have to help people to have that vision and understand it that way and magnitude, i.e., that we are all connected with all others, the emergence of holistic education has its origin in the need of the human being to transcendto reach more found in the simple way of living, that need to discover their own nature, towards the spiritual. I really think that transformation begins with individuals, and groups of individuals are communities and what we have to do is to build those communities of learning in schools, where adults who work together to share their own visions of his life that this is consistent with the community’s shared vision of learning. Jay Schwartz insists that this is the case. It is only when the individual teacher transforms is that you can take that to the salon, when teachers are asked about how they can teach holistic education, one of my first recommendations is tell you, working on yourself, work on your point of view you have of the world, working in who he is in relation to others, and vision that is achieved will be transferred to the students we work with. It is a great learning experience students and that they appreciate the greatness of humanity is a way to have this spiritual dimension, you can imagine how it was life at the beginning of humanity. To make them to think above all about discoveries and all inventions that humans have given to make our lives better must give students this appreciation of who we are, it should be allowed that contact with nature, that appreciate the great gift of this natural environment is a touch to the heart. Then we have to see the evolution of our planet, to appreciate that have improved our lives and appreciate the nature.

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