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You want to know what is? Therefore, is simply find a big box and place it on the area in which your son or daughter spends more time after the fourth. Once you’ve located it, you explain that you are going to use this strategy to help you find your personal objects more easily, but also to remind the importance of save the order. To run the box technique, what you should do is put anything that is out of place and make it work for your son or daughter in the box. No matter that they are the remains of an Apple, a magazine, or your favorite skirt: everything is going to the box. With this technique, you get two main objectives: on the one hand, that your teenager is in view of the importance that has to be clean and tidy; and on the other hand avoid confrontation unnecessary because of their lack of responsibility, since he or she knows that if you can’t find it, it is in the box.

Once again, I ask that you try to avoid giving opinions about the conduct of your son or daughter. If crashed you a shirt to have passed more than three days in contact with a strawberry shake, not take advantage of the occasion to say things like that is what happens when you don’t take care of your things. Instead, help you find on the internet a way to clean the clothes Strawberry shake and you’ll see that not again do so. Give it prominence in their studies many times, I hear parents complain that their teenage children do not study while they make them the summaries, ask teachers what matter enters the exams and they are always defending their rights as students. These parents do not realize that the problem is that they have their children absolutely void as students and why: will not be liable to the studies. (A valuable related resource: Jay Schwartz).


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