Nine Emperor Gods

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These people in Thailand are called ma-song, literally translated as "a saddled horse," they provide their bodies for use Nine Emperor Gods spirits for the good of the people atone for the sins of society in this way, bringing a sacrifice. Just a few days later temples of Phuket will be filled with people. Some are praying, and religious ecstasy becomes so strong that they fall into a trance. It was at this point in their spirit inhabits the body of one of the Nine Emperor Gods. Ma Song fall into two types: those who feel was dying and wanted to avoid it, and people chosen by the Gods for their high moral standards. Under the beat of drums and cymbals supreme monk holds a ritual that prepares the Warriors of the Gods to the monstrous deeds of an ascetic.

Follow-up actions are more like medieval torture, rather than religious rituals. Elected to pierce the cheeks, lips, ears, tongues sharp objects. Perfume of the Gods, having descended into the body ma-Songo, protect against fleshly pain, blood, and scars. Some sawing their tongues sharp axes, others tortured himself with a sledgehammer blows with sharp spines, others pierce their bodies with hooks and fishing spokes resemble porcupines. Nute said that his brother was lucky. Its Extreme body piercing is performed with two long needles. Sometimes ma-song pierced his cheeks with swords, flowers, umbrellas, bicycle frames, steel pipes, table legs and chairs. I would not say that all the scars not noticeable. The girls are pretty smooth cheeks, a smile gives more profound than others, dimples.

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