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Greek Independence Day

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Restrictions on the traveler's checks are missing. Duty-free importation of up to 10 kg. food and beverages, 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars, 1 liter. spirits or 2 liters. wine, as well as gifts of no more than 150 euros.

Allowed importation of not more than one camcorder, camera, tape or pieces of sporting equipment, per person. The import of drugs and narcotic drugs, weapons and ammunition without special permission, poisonous substances and plants in the ground. Export from Greece antiquities, including rocks from archaeological sites and objects found at the bottom of the sea is prohibited. If you find the luggage they are confiscated and the offender is prosecuted. Allowed free export of copies of ancient works, which are sold everywhere. Cash currency can be exchanged only at banks or exchange offices (to be charged tax at 1-2% of the amount exchanged) as well as in special sections of post offices. The number of ATMs is large enough.

Hotels, large Tourist Center and supermarkets accept credit cards major international payment systems, often with charging fees 3-5% for banking transactions (cash easier to get on the map Cirrus / Maestro). Traveler's checks at banks and exchange offices of the respective companies, but the commission at their exchange is quite high. STORES: Open Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 9:00 to 15:00 (summer – 8.30), in Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.00 to 15.00 (summer – 8.30) and from 17.30 to 20.30 (summer – 21.00). Supermarkets are open from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 to 20.00. Shop hours may be changed at any time without notice. January 1 – New Year's Eve. January 6 – Baptism. March 25 – Greek Independence Day. March – April – a three-week carnival that precedes Lent, Easter, Clean Monday. April-May – Easter. 1 May – Flower Festival. May 21-24 – Day celebrations Battle of Crete. May 25 – Greek Independence Day. June 24 – Day of St.


Nine Emperor Gods

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These people in Thailand are called ma-song, literally translated as "a saddled horse," they provide their bodies for use Nine Emperor Gods spirits for the good of the people atone for the sins of society in this way, bringing a sacrifice. Just a few days later temples of Phuket will be filled with people. Some are praying, and religious ecstasy becomes so strong that they fall into a trance. It was at this point in their spirit inhabits the body of one of the Nine Emperor Gods. Ma Song fall into two types: those who feel was dying and wanted to avoid it, and people chosen by the Gods for their high moral standards. Under the beat of drums and cymbals supreme monk holds a ritual that prepares the Warriors of the Gods to the monstrous deeds of an ascetic.

Follow-up actions are more like medieval torture, rather than religious rituals. Elected to pierce the cheeks, lips, ears, tongues sharp objects. Perfume of the Gods, having descended into the body ma-Songo, protect against fleshly pain, blood, and scars. Some sawing their tongues sharp axes, others tortured himself with a sledgehammer blows with sharp spines, others pierce their bodies with hooks and fishing spokes resemble porcupines. Nute said that his brother was lucky. Its Extreme body piercing is performed with two long needles. Sometimes ma-song pierced his cheeks with swords, flowers, umbrellas, bicycle frames, steel pipes, table legs and chairs. I would not say that all the scars not noticeable. The girls are pretty smooth cheeks, a smile gives more profound than others, dimples.


Phi Islands

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The island became known only 10 years ago, and now competes with the island of Phuket for the title of a popular beach resort in Thailand. The unique nature of all year round attracting tourists from all over the world. On the island of quiet beaches, desert shallow bay, coconut plantations and rice fields. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez gathered all the information. Samui offers holiday guests as luxury hotels and accommodation in the beach bungalow. Despite the fact that this is a small island that you can drive around in circles for an hour, here are the world's leading hotels and Asian companies. In addition to the known major resorts in Thailand, there are many small islands, most of which are virtually uninhabited. Krabi Resort is renowned for its beauty.

Lonely cliffs, palm trees, white sand beaches, small islands and clear sea – all this makes unforgettable experience. Currently, Krabi well furnished and each year has become increasingly popular among tourists from all over the world. Attractions of the island are "shell cemetery", a monastery in Tiger cave, scenic parks and caves. Phi Phi Islands are located 20 kilometers southeast of Phuket. Here, in addition to the pristine beauty of nature, blue sea and lush tropical vegetation, you can find "edible" bird nests, which are used for cooking soup, Chinese gourmets. On cliffs and in caves can be seen the special structure of bamboo, which are collected collectors of birds' nests. Chang Island has always been a favorite destination recreation of local residents. The mountainous island is covered with virgin tropical forest flora of many species, including monkeys, deer, wild boar, as well as over 70 species of birds live on the slopes of the island.

Chang Island and neighboring his islands were united in the marine national park, to the extent possible, preserve the rich nature of this area. The island is located at the tip of the Thai marine holdings, which made him so secluded and quiet. Largely untouched by modern civilization Chang island has retained its charm. The locals still live a quiet measured life, as in ancient times, mainly on fishing, fruit and cultivation of rubber. On the island there are hotels like bungalnogo type and comfortable four-five star complexes. These are the main resort areas of Thailand, which will amaze you with its tours.


Moscow. Rest In Restaurants

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Free time you always want to be happy. And in the big cities there are many options for this. For whom – the bowling, billiards and other entertainment, to whom – the concerts, theater, cinema, youth – Clubs. This article focuses on Review of Moscow catering. Let's start with the wine bar 'Vinosyr'. I would like to note a rather interesting structure of premises: general bar, bouncing in the mirror. There is a feeling, though not all visitors to the bar forced to talk all together.

Society magnificent. Struck selection of wines – about 100 brands of wine and other beverages. A very interesting institution. The next institution that wants to highlight – this Restaurant 'Noah'. The very small restaurant located in the Protochny Lane, not far from the British Embassy. An interesting fact is that the restaurant is divided into a restaurant and kafeshnuyu part. Differences – this is probably the service, menu and Of course the level of privacy, as well as in prices.

But no matter what part you were not, the service at the highest level. Restaurant 'Noa' only made a positive impression. Network Tanuki Japanese restaurants is already out of ten catering. Of the benefits I would like to emphasize the democratic attitude to visitors. Tea is served before eating. Service, to be honest not the best. Restaurant Tent 'is a very interesting place, in particular that is right for Clean pool, and therefore non-negotiable form there. Playing nice, quiet music, the restaurant is very cozy. In Moscow, a lot of interesting restaurants and a wide choice. This article provides an overview of you only a few zavideny, but perhaps it is about these and wanted to tell me the most. Of course, first you should pay attention to your needs and other factors. But I hope that after reading this article you already can decide for yourself: I would like to go there, but there are not very '.


Turkey Service

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Holidays in Turkey with the children expected in a cozy upscale hotels, with the European level service and excellent cuisine. Turkey provides you with not only a warm climate, clean beaches, crystal clear water, but also excellent service, complete with the best traditions of Turkish hospitality. Where most cheap holiday? – Turkey! Cheap holidays in Turkey offer you a number of national tour operators that specialize in providing travel services to a broad range of consumers. Add to your understanding with real-estate developer. Turkey has long been famous for its natural beauty, different original entertainment and perpetuated the traditions of local residents. Tours in Turkey can be purchased for half price. The savings are best spent on purchase of souvenirs, which are represented in abundance.

Local markets are filled with pottery, silk goods, original statues, leather goods and gold ornaments, which cost an order of magnitude lower than those of us in Russia. Turkey hotels of international standard comfort of home, relaxed atmosphere and excellent service will ensure you are stylish and comfortable hotels. Turkey boasts a large diversity of all kinds of entertainment venues and places for recreation. San Antonio Spurs usually is spot on. The most popular deserved LIMAK LIMRA, PAPILLON ZEUGMA, JOY KIRIS RESORT HOTEL, RIXOS HOTEL TEKIROVA, JOY NASHIRA, and TURQUOISE RESORT & SPA, ANTEDON DE LUXE, the disposal of which there are huge pools, gyms, beaches and their own tennis courts, which makes a pleasant and unforgettable your holiday.