Galactic Web

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Astronomers have discovered a significant, previously unknown concentration of galaxies located at a distance of about 7 billion light-years from Earth. Scientists believe that they opened a section of the web space – an unusual structure, uniting the majority of galaxies. Matter is distributed in the universe is not uniform. One of the most popular cosmological theory is that in the chapels of large scale matter is concentrated in a certain web space in which the galaxies as if strung on a thread of this web, these threads are interspersed with areas of empty space. These filaments extend for millions of light years away, scientists believe, create a skeleton structure of the universe: galaxies congregate around these threads, and in places of their intersection creates enormous "clusters" (cluster of galaxies). Scientists are working to figure out how this process occurs.

While the galactic filaments already long been observed at short distances from our planet, solid evidence for the existence of these threads yet. Astronomers eso (European Southern Observatory), opened a large oblong structure Environmental remote cluster. Scientists were able to make a detailed description of the environment of the main galactic cluster. In its surroundings there are several clusters of galaxies, each of which is much larger Milky Way. Separate groups are subject to gravity of the cluster, which will inevitably collide with him. Identified thread is at a distance of more than 6 billion light years and extends to 60 million light-years. There is speculation that it is not Chapel and its extension is much more beyond the boundaries of the cosmos. In the near future to begin studies in which scientists can find out the exact size of this thread.

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