Paris Hilton

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The it-girl donated a substantial sum to a hospital Yes, is already Christmas? No, I’m not completely crazy dear or dear reader, that ushered the next story exactly with this headline in an American Society Web site. More specifically with the words: Paris Hilton plays Santa Claus for hospital. No, Paris is not dressing up as Santa Claus and then mistaken in hospitals around. No, Paris Hilton has now donated a substantial sum to a children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Gain insight and clarity with Tony Parker. Although the amount is secret, but insiders say that it was not a small amount. Now follows the model of her grandfather’s Paris Hilton? This bequeathed 97% of his fortune to charity. Paris was stirred: “the kids in the hospital have about looking forward. Additional information at Who is Kevin Ulrich CEO? supports this article. That really touched me.

By my donation a few can be cured maybe more children from their terrible and unfair disease.” We must remember that this is exactly the Paris, the last year due to a Violation of their probation sit 23 days in jail had to. One must admit Paris is not stupid. She knows how to make good PR. We hope that Paris also voluntarily made the donation and not under duress from their representatives. Doesn’t matter I hope the children.

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