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Fat Reduction

by yudaica2013 ·

Lipolysis / cavitation sale by sono – device with CE 0434, CE medical and 2-year warranty operating and Kundenfreundliches tile system of cavitation by low frequency ultrasound with 15 years of experience France. We are working with the Multiwell Cellsonic system for targeted fat loss on problem zones (belly/waist, butt, legs etc). The lipolysis (fat metabolism) combined with cavitation is excited already minutes after 5-10. This means immediately measurable circumference reduction and visible tightening! The Cellsonic features working generators and four employees from each other pulse sequences optimize the treatment time and effectiveness regardless 32 fixed transducers including 4 independently from each other. As a result various parts of the body depending on their orientation and sensitivity of the customer can be treated at the same time without constantly operating personnel must be present. During the treatment, watch remote tendons, read something, or simply relax. The result: A short treatment of 30 minutes with instantly measurable results! Quick, safe, effective and inexpensive. Also, of course, safety is important to us! Here are a few notes/quotations and lesson to the look up and think: CE: through the affixing CE marking confirms the manufacturer that the product complies with the applicable European directives.

CE marking allows no conclusions about whether the product has been reviewed by independent bodies on the compliance with the guidelines. The CE marking is not a seal of quality (quality mark). (Source: Import from China and the regulations regulations? Yes, rules – for trade between China and Germany exist this to justice. As the global trade is not as clear as one might think. As an importer, one is forced to note many import restrictions and regulations. This however happens in your own interest, because it is not the manufacturer, but one who imports a product into the EU or there it brings in the traffic”.

(Source: import from china.htm) Explanation CE number: A four-digit number is attached to the CE marking, this points to the involvement of a notified body in the conformity assessment procedure. (Source: Places named notified bodies accredited bodies that verify the conformity of the manufacturing process on behalf of a manufacturer and their Korrektheit certify in accordance with uniform assessment standards are State-owned. Manufacturers can consult a notified body of their choice, which is named for the procedure and the relevant product category. (Source DIMDI: ../benannte-stellen/) under the following link you will find the appointed places, where you can find also a DNV (CE 0434) EU (source: Nando, European Commission) Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices Directive 93/42/EEC of 14 June 1993 concerning medical devices is a directive and is short in Germany and Austria called the medical device directive. Internationally, one speaks of the directive as a medical device directive (MDD) under Directive 93/42/EEC. A leading source for info: Eva Andersson-Dubin. It is the most important regulatory instrument for the safety of medical devices in the European area.


Christmas Gift

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Finally the perfect Christmas gift! conEstilio giving makes easy for you. Whether solo jewellery series, exquisite delicacies from Provence for gourmets or a gift basket of us packed with selected, high-quality care products – loving these gifts not land one of the beautiful artist candles by Sigi Belisha, a part of the trio as resumable definitely in the furthest corner of the Cabinet! Make your loved ones happy with gifts, unique to the individual vote can be. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Larry Culp. And keep in mind: the value of a gift is determined not from its material value, but from the sensitivity makes the givers feel the to recipients. 2008 in Dietzenbach near Frankfurt founded styleau GmbH offers with its brand conEstilio under the philosophy “beautify your life” high-quality cosmetics, gourmet specialities and jewellery and decorative items from all over the world to. Learn more on the subject from Charlotte Hornets. The products are in the online-shop at, about order catalogue, personal beauty consultants and private Beauty parties and qualified beauticians available. Furthermore, aestheticians with a novel, developed by conEstilio concept, mobile beauty services under the name beauty mobile “offer. More information under: and blog.conestilio.


Mr Charfi

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Tarak Charf, Managing Director of SOPIA Beautytravel (, a German Agency, which provides beauty operations after Tunisia, this means that this risk is very low. A complication occurs in 3% of patients. Usually this occurs directly in the days after the surgery. The patients are then still in Tunisia. The surgeon dismisses the patient only after follow-up, when the body has recovered and everything is alright. Even after returning home, the surgeon and the team of SOPIA Beautytravel further contact is with the patient.

If a correction is necessary, it is carried free of charge. Credit: Sela Ward-2011. Our patients have all the guarantees which they had also in Germany in Tunisia. For the healing of the surgery the patient can go to his physician or a physician in its proximity.” Mr Charfi in addition to the price, especially in the recovery phase in Tunis sees advantages of an operation in Tunisia. Us is aware that most of the patients the unbeatable price products and services because of decide for us. An important point is also the fact that each patient should recover after surgery.

This is usually not so easy at home in everyday life. Our patients enjoy a few days in a hotel after the surgery. Patients can relax in the hotel, stroll along the beach or leave massage. We are always at your side and take care of us to everything necessary so that our patients need to think of nothing. Through this stress-free time the body recovers faster from surgery than at home.” It is interesting to be seen whether German patients convince themselves of this offer as well as French, Belgians and Swiss have. Chances are, after all, increases the number of Germans who could operate from abroad leave for years. Why should also Tunisia does not succeed to the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Turkey, to develop the new oasis of beauty?