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Minas Gerais Pollution

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The Stream of the Cercadinho is fit as special classroom for the COPASA, therefore the pollution that infiltrates in the area modifies the quality of the water of the Stream that supplies the city (Minas Gerais, 1997). Still in accordance with Blacksmith (2003, apud AMORIM, 2007) the pollution has as the one of its sources local, receiving road system of oils, greases and too much residues of the vehicles that pass through for it and are washed by the rain and lead to the Dry Lagoon and of this for the Stream of the Cercadinho. Another source of pollution is the sanitary residues, launched in secrecy in the Lagoon, proceeding from the laudering of the sidewalk or cars, these pollutants can migrar long distances and to contaminate water-bearing of other regions. The pollution of the water-bearing ones, therefore, is an ample problem and that it not only harms the region its entorno, but also the city of Belo Horizonte that is supplied by these waters. Confirmed such the situation, the Periodical BEEN OF MINES, in news article of day 11/06/09 on the workmanships in Belvedere III, published that ' ' Others two workmanships in BH go to benefit to the Region Center-South. The first one, calculated in R$ 7 million and that it must be ready in up to one year, will be destined to the Dry Lagoon, in the Belvedere Quarter, where the city hall will construct a canal for the captation of the water. Also it will have the cleanness of the basin to prevent the empoamento of water. The Dry Lagoon has potential to be an important card-postcard of the Center-South, therefore, beyond the pretty green area surrounded by some skyscrapers, it is a natural fishery of birds. Until owls they live between the trees of the place, that receives all the mornings, hundreds of people who make walked to its redor.



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Nylon was created a new type of called plastic, new World War II had after been servant types as dacron, the polystyrene, the polyethylene and the vinyl also in this period, the plastics if they had spread out in the daily one of the people in such a way not to be more possible to imagine the world of today without them, (KARL, 1930). Already in the decade of 1950 Karl Ziegler this linear form polymerized the ethylene in the presence of some metals produced structures firmer, dense and organized currently called polyethylene of high density, was presented for the first time in bambols, but she is used in containers. Karl Ziegler and Giulio Natta in 1953 had created polypropylene from propileno monomers (CH2 = CHCH3) and had received the prize Nobel de Qumica and in 1963, its diverse forms of fusing and rigidity are used in finishing of cars, clutches, batteries, bottles, pipes, filaments and bag. 4. OTHER DATA: For the implantation of the project it will be used with resources that are proceeding from the proper company being the same ones for payments of expenses of maintenance and acquisition of materials and you scheme.

Expenses of Investments Materiais$1000,00 Equipamentos$800,00 Instalaes$600,00 Mquinas$2500,00 Expenses of Maintenance Eltrica$800,00 Energy Water $300,00 Products of Limpeza$150,00 Totais$6.150, 00 Duration for execution of 2 (months) the 5 (months), for its conclusion occurring the financial return enter 1 (year) the 2 (years), after its investment. 5. RESULT, ANALYSIS AND QUARRELS the result was reached by having been planned and executed as the implantation, of the project which benefited to minor consumption of electric energy in the production, the recycling of the materials of the surplus and its garbage reduction that if it accumulated in the sector, also you analyze of some points that had been corrected where it had necessity of correction without modifying the programming of the company. Being analyzed lesser cost of collection, little risk in the transport and its manuscript and its final disposal. 6.

CONCLUSION Being the same approved and its elaboration concluded without difficulties, its functioning already presents positive signals of its implementation in this sector. Getting resulted satisfactory for which if its return waited more time pair, that the same would bring for the production sector of the company. As the results already giving productivity samples they had as well as received consideraes from our immediate superior of the direction of planning of the industry. 7. FINAL CONSIDERAES the objective of this work were to supply a deficiency found in the way of the production and with regard to the environment. On the basis of the NBR-SISTEMAS OF AMBIENT MANAGEMENT had been boarded these deficiencies which after to be argued, analyzed had been cured. It had upheaval in the execution of the project, but with contribution of the direction, the employees, project was executed with security, also with quality, through the importance of this enterprise.


Green Party

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It has of if agreeing that the future of the nuclear industry will not be far from easy. New reactors, endowed with improved mechanisms of security, would certainly not have suffered the same destination from those in the plant of Fukushima, that have four decades of useful life more than. Actress helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In Germany was born the most representative world-wide antinuclear movement, that originated the Green Party? the most robust ecological movement of the Europe. The accident of Fukushima relit the opposition to the atomic energy and Germany annulled a decision that drew out the useful life of 17 of its older plant, for pressure of the green movement. Tony Parker often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Finlndia, Italy, England and China (this, responsible for 40% of the new plants in planning), had announced the suspension and/or revision of its plans of investments in new nuclear projects, at least until lowering the radiation of the effect of Fukushima. France always is cited as one marries of success in the use of nuclear energy, since 78% of its consumption of electricity come from this source. It occurs that the French nuclear program is mainly state, has forts tariff subsidies, the proper government is the consuming greater and has many doubts in the obscure operational and financial black box of this system. In U.S.A., although governmental incentives, the private initiative revealed little stimulated in investing in new nuclear plants, face to the costs and high involved risks. Countries as France and Japan, among others, have few alternatives to explore energy hydroelectric plant due the geographic aspects, differently of Brazil, that beyond having innumerable hidrogrficas basins not total explored for the energy generation hydroelectric plant, it has possibilities to develop very in the development of solar, aeolian energy and of biomass, before the doubtful nuclear option. In accordance with the Greenpeace, the Cove plant 2 functions without permanent ambient license and a laboratory with radioactive material was soterrado by a land landslide where the plants are installed.



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They can be included in these contextoos impacts for the losses of communitarian bows, separation of efamlias communities, sacred destruction of churches, chapels, places for traditional comunidadesindgenas and that many times live isolated. Poispessoas must be pointed out that osdeslocados the only ones are not reached for the construction of a barrage, that they liveed in another place and they only worked in the place of barragemtambm must be considered reached. Used of flooded areas, transporting companies who passed through for the city, land leaseholders, all these people will have that to look another form of survival. Related problems to the physical creation of the barrage also exist. Deuma hour for another one, the forest if transforms into a lake.

This change radicaldo ecosystem, if it will not be lead in correct way, comprometernegativamente it comprometernegativamente tends the flora and local fauna. Jorge Perez may find this interesting as well. The submersion provokes the death of trees and plants, and its decomposition nofundo of the lakes, liberates .causing gases of the effect greenhouse as carbonic gas (CO2) and methane (CH4). Moreover, the remaining portions of trunks and dasprprias twigs can harm the functioning plant. Many species of animals finish running away from its naturaldurante habitat flooding. The estimate, for this in case that, it is of that only 1% dasespcies survive to this change. Already ictiofauna still suffers umimpacto bigger for having in the barrage an artificial obstacle to the fluxonatural of the rapids of the river. The consequence can be the proliferaodesordenada one of determined species and the extinguishing of others. Another estrelacionado factor to those species that need to go up the river for the spawning of fishes and that, now, needs to transpose a composed barrier for the barrage of the plant. It is added estesimpactos, the eutrofizao of waters of the reservoir for the addition in excess, organic dematria, that increases the proliferation of microorganisms and seaweed, being able to also cause consequences for the man as related illnesses gua.



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The cycle of life of the products comes being studied in amplagama of organizacionais contexts, influencing, thus, the relations comerciaisentre exporting countries and import, having as concerns – of carterambiental – aspects that go since the productive process and its products, until I dare and its posterior discarding. This Technique also is> known as analise' ' of the cradle to tumulo' '. Today the organizations already had started to perceive the ACV as umaforte competitiveness tool and a differential for the detomadas processes of decisions, in the election of ambient pointers in projects and aid to aidentificar chances of improvements of the ambient aspects. In such a way, through the valuation and evaluation proposal pelametodologia of Evaluation of the Cycle of Life, it is possible to identify if one better produtotem ambient performance that another one, if an alteration in the product to still podegerar a great ambient impact or, which process of manufacture trazmaiores advantages to the end item. EVALUATION OF the LIFE CYCLE All the process of manufacture of some product produces algumimpacto ambient, due to the consumption of energy and necessary resources atmesmo of gases residue and, the emission generation effluent in general. Esseimpacto can occur during the extration of used raw materials noprocesso of manufacture of the product, in ACV. The analysis of life cycle is one technique for evaluation dosaspectos ambient and of the potential impacts associates to a product, understanding stages that go since the withdrawal of the nature of the substances elementary cousins who enter in the productive system, disposio of the end item. The ACV if presents as an important tool to parasubsidiar the stages of the development of the product, the management of the production, ops-use, the logistic conventional and reversa, among others, from compilaode information and of the evaluations Techniques So that if it gives beginning to an Evaluation of Cycle of Life, elaborates umfluxograma of the process, specifying all the flows of materiale energy and enters and leaves the system.